jim-pen Is your Loan Officer Recruiting Campaign getting results?

Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint

The insight you need to excel at recruiting talent.

Today’s challenges facing Sales Managers are increasing at a rapid pace… and the year ahead is not going to be any easier. 

The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint Micro-Learning modules were developed as part of the EMAC Recruiting Academy coaching series as a self-paced tool to help Sales Managers meet their recruiting challenges head-on. By providing the latest strategies, tools and techniques on what it takes to recruit & successfully hire the best Loan Officers in a competitive market.

Our proven methods will change your approach to recruiting Loan Officers and help you fill in the gaps, providing you with an outline for your recruiting plan and showing you how to execute your Recruiting Campaign. Learn how to present your opportunity with tangible unique selling points that will attract talent… help make the most of every recruiting opportunity. 

Now, for a fraction of what we charge for our in-house recruitment training, you have immediate access to dozens of proven techniques that have stood the test of time, all arranged in a convenient format that you’ll refer back to for years to come.

Registering today will help you hire more Loan Officers in 2018 and beyond!


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In truth, this is a serious understatement… you will probably quadruple your gross profits when you learn how to effectively hire Top Producers to your sales force.

recruiting-funnel Is your Loan Officer Recruiting Campaign getting results?It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to hiring Loan Officers or you been at it for years… This e-Learning platform EVENS the playing field, regardless of your experience level.

Every decision you make in your business has risk and rewards. There are no magic formulas that can eliminate that risk. There are things you can do to minimize your risk. How? Make intelligent decisions with confidence and accurate information.

The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is the key that can unlock your future success. It’s a proven success plan you simply can’t find anywhere else. You could attend one of our corporate training seminars, but the fee would be several times the price of this training.

The series of modules will teach you how to go beyond the box of traditional warm market business recruiting, which would take you years to develop a quality sales team, to being able to recruit & hire experienced Loan Officers in as little as 30 days.

With recruiting agency placement fees averaging over $20,000 per hire and contract recruiters getting up to $80 per hour, the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform usually pays for itself many times over as soon as you put its lessons to work.

Our focus is simple – help you get all the recruiting knowledge + skills that are required to win talent. By providing you with access to proven strategies and techniques used by professional mortgage industry headhunters.



Return on Investment

Today’s hiring managers must be as good a recruiter as they are a lender!

As financial professionals, you provide investment advice on a daily basis? Yet most hiring managers in today’s mortgage arena, have never received any formal recruitment training, no one invested in you.

investing-in-you11 Is your Loan Officer Recruiting Campaign getting results?

Ask yourself this question: “When I took a chance at my first management job, did the manager invest in me?” Probably not! Those managers may have gave you some basic pointer and sent you on your way. It is time to invest in your most valued asset, YOURSELF! 

When we talk about investing in assets, most people automatically think about monetary rewards. “How can I invest my money in order to make more money?” A good investments in most cases is the ones where, there is no risk to you losing your money, where there is a good financial return on your investment, where you can have access to your investment without notice, where you make money quickly.  And there is certainly nothing wrong with this type of investment.

Gaining that competitive advantage is the key to sustainability and business growth. Improving recruitment system, staying motivated and up-to-date with industry trends, new techniques and technologies is essential to achieving your recruiting goal.

When considering whether or not to investing in a product or service, most of us ask perfectly sensible questions like: What will the rate of return be, what are the risks and how quickly will I see a return on my investment? Why would you put your hard-earned money into high-risk investment schemes without knowing about its past performance? Would you invest with professionals who are very thorough, but who can’t prove that their methods deliver business results? Would you pay a Loan Officer top tier compensation without proof of performance?

Knowledge is a powerful asset. It makes the difference between living in wealth and chasing the all mighty dollar. The only difference between a CEO of a company and the new grad just getting started in their new career is knowledge. CEO has years of experience and has learned from their mistakes, that is why these individuals earn hundreds of times more than the new grad.



Meet Jim McGrath

Jim-McGrath1 Is your Loan Officer Recruiting Campaign getting results?

Jim McGrath has enjoyed a successful career recruiting, hiring and training top-producing loan officers. Since 1995, he has recruited and placed thousands of mortgage professionals for clients ranging from small community banks to industry giants like Wells Fargo, GMAC, GE and Citibank. The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint focuses on teaching you in-depth closing techniques on how to interview, present a compelling opportunity and closing passive candidates, how to structure an offer, and how to gain their commitment to join your team immediately. Jim’s training teaches you new techniques to recruiting and hiring Top Producing Loan Officers used by the professional recruiting team at EMAC.

EMAC Recruiting Academy has been providing companies of all sizes, hiring managers, and recruiting professionals with tools to raise their “Recruiting IQ”Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint, is a comprehensive curriculum that trains you on the essentials of developing an effective recruitment campaign, strategies to source talent, plus interview and closing techniques to build your team.

These leading Skills Enhancement programs are available to hiring managers everywhere regardless of location or company size. EMAC Recruiting Academy makes recruitment online training easy, fast and affordable. Access our online recruitment training modules and immediately put the training to work at growing your business. This is the best time to invest in your future and start your self-paced training today!

Our training clients look for on-going coaching programs that does not stop at the end of the seminar. Certainly we do not expect participant to retain a careers worth of knowledge in one day, we work with each client for as long as it takes to ensure success.

Get started today! Learn our proven techniques and cutting-edge strategies to building a successful team of top producers.


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The #1 recruiting tool sold to in the mortgage industry!

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Our Training + Your Commitment = The Best Results

Receive a detailed One-Year Recruiting Planner to get started, plus learn the Top 3 SECRETS that takes your business and income to the next level.


Why do our customers get such great results with our training? Most important – they have the desire and are committed to getting better.

I have been in Sales Management for over 35 years and the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is a system that should not only be read by mortgage professionals and corporate recruiters, but by anyone who has the need to search out, recruit and hire top performers in any industry….Mr. McGrath has nailed it, this e-Learning is a must read! The proven system is revealed in Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system for recruiting commissioned Loan Officers ever written. It’s a complete, turn-key, self-study course jam packed with cutting edge techniques to build your sales force quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Tony D., Los Angeles, CA
I just wanted to write and say that your e-learning was instrumental in helping me hire my very first Loan Officer. I used the first lesson to prepare my recruiting plan and I am now using the techniques to on-board my new employee. The information you provided was relevant, practical and simply stated. It puts other books to shame!

Michael P., Dallas, TX
Jim is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make an impact in the mortgage industry! Not only does he possess an unmatched skill set as a mortgage recruiting professional, but unlike so many others recruiters, he’s able to translate his knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner. Check out his training for anything and everything related to mortgage recruiting.

Cathy H., Burlington, MA

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I purchased your recruiting e-Learning and am about 40 pages in currently. I have been in the business almost 20 years and have been recruiting actively for about 15 of them. I have successfully recruited and hired at least 100 people on my own. Nobody—and I mean nobody—has ever taken the time to sit down and put all of this info in one place. In this industry we have been forced over time to learn everything by trial and error or miscellaneous things passed down from generation to generation. I have used many of your techniques in the past, but didn’t really know why, nor was I able to apply things consistently because I didn’t really have a strategy. So I appreciate that you have put this road map together. Thanks again and great job.

Joel L., Durham, NC


We truly care that our strategies will immediately impact your recruiting initiative!

One of the reasons so many mortgage hiring professionals trust EMAC Recruiting Academy and invest in our services; is that True Integrity and Real Honesty behind our recruitment training products and services.

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For just a fraction of what recruiting books and training courses cost – you’ll get more information than you can handle in the first lesson – PLUS more. This is the only place you can get this product right now (and you can instantly access it – you don’t have to wait for delivery or wait till a course is running).


get-started-today Is your Loan Officer Recruiting Campaign getting results?

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