Get Recruiting Answers

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One-On-One Coaching with Veteran Headhunters

Get Recruiting Answers provides Sales Managers with an overview of the mortgage recruiting landscape, to include; list building and candidate development strategies, profiling the Ideal Candidate and creating scripts that will attract the best candidates to your organization and pro-offer techniques to close more Loan Officers.



The Get Recruiting Answers focuses on teaching you sourcing strategies to find and techniques to present a compelling opportunity to attract experienced Loan Officers to join your team.

  • Ninety (90) minute Recruiting Analysis and Assessment – What You Are Doing and Where You Want To Go ($450 Value) We will email you a questionnaire prior to the session, then set up a time and learning effective game plan for your session.
  • Developing a Recruiting Plan – The purpose of the recruiting plan is to keep your search focused on key areas such as the future direction of the organization, position competencies, budget, and time-line.
  • Target areas of immediate concern – Sourcing, making the initial contact call, courting, closing on the offer, objections/rebuttals, on-boarding, etc…
  • Self Improvement Assignments – A check list to make the changes in your current approach
  • Prospect Pipeline Generation – Develop a pipeline of quality prospects that fit your culture
  • Session Evaluation Email – Outlining the assessment results from the session
  • Mortgage Recruiters Forum and Monthly Newsletter Annual Subscription ($199.95 value)
  • Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform ($149.95 value)




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There are no reviews yet.

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