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Your curiosity will pay dividends!  Jim McGrath – expert mortgage industry Headhunter and best-selling Author of "The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint" and "The PlayBook" of Mortgage Recruiting Continued Education.

When I started my career in 1995, my focus was recruiting Loan officers and Sales Management professionals in the mortgage industry. Recruiting came easy; it was the courting and closing that was outside my control and challenging. Hiring managers were never trained in the art of courting and closing Loan Officers. More "at-bats" with more candidates = More new hires.

It was then that I started to develop a Blueprint for a step-by-step courtship that would have more Loan Officers at the Altar for a hiring manager. 

Our programs provide you with an understanding of what motivates top producers to consider looking at new opportunities and what tactics we utilize as professional Headhunters to recruit Loan Officers. Once you learn the key elements for attracting the elusive loan officers, plus our proven techniques to keep candidates engaged in the courtship, you can execute your strategic priorities and accelerate your hiring goals.

"Our mentoring programs help to educate and support sales managers on successfully hiring more qualified talent. Loan Officer Recruiting IQ is a Continued Education series loaded with proven headhunter secrets strategies, tactics, & techniques to attract, engage, and hire quality talent." ~ Jim McGrath

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The mortgage recruiting landscape evolved, and today's Loan Officers are looking for more than just the money.

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“I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I purchased your recruiting e-Learning and am currently about 40 lessons in. I have been in the business almost 20 years and have been recruiting actively for about 15 of them. I have successfully recruited and hired at least 100 people on my own. Nobody—and I mean nobody—has ever taken the time to sit down and put all of this info in one place. In this industry, we have been forced over time to learn everything by trial and error or miscellaneous things passed down from generation to generation. I have used many of your techniques in the past, but didn’t really know why, nor was I able to apply things consistently because I didn’t really have a strategy. So I appreciate that you have put this road map together. Thanks again and great job.”

Joel L., Durham, NC

Regional Vice President

“Jim is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make an impact in the mortgage industry! Not only does he possess an unmatched skillset as a mortgage recruiting professional, but unlike so many other recruiters, he’s able to translate his knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner. Check out his training for anything and everything related to mortgage recruiting.”

Cathy H., Burlington, MA

Talent Acquisition Director

“I just wanted to write and say that your e-learning was instrumental in helping me hire my very first Loan Officer. I used the first lesson to prepare my recruiting plan and I am now using the techniques to onboard my new employee. The information you provided The PlayBook was relevant, practical and simply stated. Thank you Jim”

Michael P., Dallas, TX

Branch Sales Manager

“I have been in Sales Management for over 40 years. The Loan Officer Recruiting PlayBook is a system that should not only be read by mortgage professionals and corporate recruiters but by anyone who has the need to search out, recruit and hire top performers in any industry… Mr. McGrath has nailed it, this e-Learning is a must-read! The proven system is revealed in The PlayBook is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system for recruiting commissioned Loan Officers ever written. It’s a complete, turn-key, self-study course jam-packed with cutting edge techniques to build your sales force quickly, easily, and inexpensively.”

Tony D., Los Angeles, CA

Managing Director