About Loan Officer Recruiting

LoanOfficerRecruiting.com was developed in 2008 with the goal of providing industry-leading mortgage recruiting solutions and recruitment coaching tools for sales managers. Jim McGrath has decades of experience in recruiting top mortgage talent and has become one of the largest recruiting firms in the industry. Our experienced team of recruiters has placed thousands of mortgage loan officers by utilizing cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies while keeping up with the ever-changing mortgage industry. The team at EMAC fuels the Mortgage Recruiting Coach Academy to empower mortgage sales managers to recruit like professional Headhunters.

We Share Our Secrets

Headhunter Secrets Revealed

Hiring the right people to produce and grow the business is the most important part of achieving the overall goals of any business plan.  People are the number one asset of an organization and one of the largest investments a company makes.

Mediocre employees, bad hires, high turnover, and ineffective recruiting costs a company money, time, resources and affects the hiring manager’s reputation, compensation and career.  The entire recruiting process is daunting and can take a ridiculous amount of time and energy for an untrained sales manager.  As a sales manager, you are expected to understand a preconceived process about what should be done and how to recruit top talent.

Hiring sales managers are not automatically born out of this approach.  Most sales managers flounder or crash and burn because they’ve never been formally trained to recruit revenue-generating talent.  Instead of watching this happen time after time, we decided to help sales managers become better at hiring managers by sharing our recruiter secrets.  

The Mortgage Recruiting Coach membership offers proven headhunter education options, rapid candidate sourcing methodologies to connect and engage talent—and when coached, sales managers swiftly learn how to move forward through a courtship with confidence, knowing how to close, hire and onboard the best-fit candidate.  

We want to challenge the conventional mortgage sales manager model to be open to fresh ideas on recruiting talent with a twist. 

Sharing is Caring

Our core belief is to share our recruiting knowledge to help a sales manager recruit like professional recruiters.  It’s an attitude combined with a flexibility, a simple process, and tool box that helps us deliver amazing talent management education, information and recruiting results for our students and clients.

Competencies are nothing more than a combination of skills and attributes that determine how well you are positioned to succeed in your role. Recruiting Competencies can broadly be broken down into two components:

  • Skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications
  • Behavioral characteristics and personality traits

While traditional recruiting focuses primarily on the first component, i.e., skills, knowledge, experience, and technical qualifications, much of business success today is driven by the right mindset and culture, so, behavioral disposition becomes a critical factor for ensuring sustained, long-term recruiting performance.

Your Employer Brand Matters

Everything starts with an experience.  In recruiting, a positive and memorable experience is important to top talent. We understand this first hand and build our process around creating a candidate-experience that candidates will always remember.  We understand what top talent really wants; key motivators, culture, values, expectations, role, compensation, professional development and career aspirations.  To connect and engage with the right candidate, organizations must use the power of their brand. Integrating your employer brand throughout the entire recruiting process from initial contact, to assessment, and through onboarding to attract and engage passive candidates.  

Recruitment training + coaching collaboration for the mortgage industry

Recruiting is learnable. Even the best leaders have developed their recruiting capacity and competency over time. By investing in your recruiting skills now, you pave the way to opportunities in the future. Our coaching is a frame of reference for recruiting high performing Loan Officers, best-practices, the most prevalent tactics and techniques and approaches that help you become the leader you want to be.

Our Mortgage Recruitment Coaching Academy provides recruitment education programs to banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions. In addition, we have designed and created a time-tested + headhunter proven recruiting solutions and training services that deliver an employer brand-led attraction approach, which is a candidate-centric experience that drives quality hiring and retention.

Our goal is to reach mortgage managers through real-world recruiting education options to enhance their recruiting efforts and attract + hire the best people in the market.

Value-Add Education

We transform the way hiring managers to recruit top talent.  EMAC Recruiting Academy recruitment education and coaching programs + easy-to-use tools enable and empower every certified sales manager to be accountable for recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best talent.

We are doing the right thing by sharing our recruiting secrets, knowledge, and experience of our sales managers to help bridge the talent gap in the mortgage industry.  We value our clients and put them first.  Our team connects, communicates + collaborates while providing personalized information to help candidate careers' soar and transforming our corporate client businesses with profitable top talent.

Client + Candidate + Career Circle

Our clients are the key collaborators in the CCC Circle.  Our recruitment process; analysis + assessment, education, coaching, and ongoing training are structured to fit a sales manager’s needs, bridges education with real-world recruiting and encouraging a long-term client, candidate to employee relationship.

The CCC Circle enhances the new hires' career while improving the hiring sales manager’s recruiting skills, skyrocketing their career and growing their business.

Engagement = High Performance + Production

We believe in a qualified relationship between levels of engagement and financial performance.   As a sales manager, building a solid partnership with a focus on several critical factors that plays an important role in driving productivity and results is part of the recruiting process.  Understanding how to weave performance and compensation to engage a top producer takes finesse, and practice through the guidance of trained recruiters that speak delicate language, every day.

Thought Provoking

Our Thinking

Our thought is a sales manager will learn how to recruit like a professional recruiter and become hiring sales machine.  We would like to invite sales managers to open your minds to a new kind of recruiting relationship and entertain the idea of embracing a candidate-centric mindset.  We believe in the power of employer branding in recruiting - to create a unique + differentiating message that attracts, engages and retains key talent.  Our thought was to share our headhunter secrets to bridge the talent gap, open the gates for a seamless recruiting process to create memorable candidate journey for profitable new hire relationships. 

EMAC Recruiting Analysis + Assessment

Request a complementary 30-minute coaching call offered to sales managers who would like an unbiased, top-line recruiting evaluation, needs analysis and brand preview. 

Gain real insights into areas of recruiting opportunities + improvements to create greater value to streamline your recruiting efforts. 



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