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The EMAC Group was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing industry-leading mortgage recruiting solutions and recruitment training tools to hiring managers. Our leadership has decades of experience with recruiting top talent and has become one of the largest mortgage recruiting firms in the industry. Our team utilizes cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies, keeping up with the ever-changing mortgage industry.


In the relentless search for that elusive Loan Officer candidate … our mission is to be fully committed and rapidly engaged with clients, providing optimal recruiting results. We aim to ensure our clients trust that the results we deliver are excellent. We set the bar higher, always advancing the standards for providing innovative solutions to both our clients and candidates. EMAC is the future benchmark for recruiting. We make sure companies receive the most innovative “real world” recruitment training for their sales managers at an affordable price.

Our objective is to assist clients on how to effectively hire the most qualified loan officers, at the lowest cost. We offer a variety of packages tailored to your personal hiring needs, budget and time-lines. We embraced new technologies and state of the art e-Learning platforms, with One-On-One and Group Training forums that offer a range of mortgage recruitment training programs.

Our leadership is in constant pursuit of innovative strategies and recruiting best practices that ensure our clients find, hire, and retain the right talent in their markets. Our primary aspiration is to become our clients’ trusted business partner, a resource that hiring managers can consistently rely on for all their recruitment solutions.

Are you in pursuit of the best solutions that will lead you to the industry’s top talent?

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