“Recruiting is more than a concept! It’s an ongoing corporate culture, built from the top down. With the right leadership, companies can realize monumental and sustainable gains. Headhunting – done right.”

Jim-McGrath.right_ Our FounderJim McGrath, founder and Managing Director of The EMAC Group, has provided senior level recruiting services to organizations in the mortgage industry since 1995. Jim is an author, trainer, recruitment coach, his consulting empowers leaders to achieve their business objectives. He’s passionate about his career and committed to his clients’ success, offering decades of focused recruiting experience.

Jim success includes being involved in placing over 2,000 mortgage professionals and trained thousands of managers on his Headhunter Best Practices. In 2007, he wrote a book on how to effectively recruit in the mortgage industry called, the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint.

In 2009, established EMAC Recruiting Academy. The mission was to create an on-demand recruitment training platform to provide his recruiting and hiring best practices to members. Our members are seeking to strategies to improve their flow of qualified candidates and reduce bad hiring mistakes. Jim accomplishes this by utilizing his direct recruiting methodology, comprehensive online and in-house workshops and training programs, by providing highly customized solutions per the company’s needs.

Jim is a true student of the game of recruiting, he evaluates his clients current recruiting initiatives and deliver a plan of action that will take their office(s) to levels never experienced before.  Using his industry proven recruiting strategies and tactics, many of his clients have grow to become national forces in their industry.

Since beginning his career, Jim has helped thousands of Hiring Managers attract and hire more Loan Officers by enhancing their recruiting skills and improving their techniques. Jim continues to conducted nationwide searches for Fortune 500, National and Regional Banks and growth oriented mortgage bakers.

He exemplifies excellence in his innate ability to connect Top Talent with organizations built on best practices and direct recruiting methodologies. Jim’s proven and highly successful approach melds strategic recruiting with aggressive process-driven search solutions. He works with clients, not for them. As such, he has become one of the leading executive recruiters in his field today with a loyal client base and extensive network of mortgage professionals at all levels.

With all this background in recruiting, Mr. McGrath learned a great deal about every facet of recruiting Loan Officers. He has discovered the “secrets” that separates the success of Top Sales Managers from the pack! That’s a pretty bold claim, but in Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint, he intends to prove it’s true.

The key to Jim’s member success is producing a winning Recruiting System that works, this becomes much easier when they learn the fundamental principles and have a proven system to follow.

What you will learn may at first seem simplistic or “just too obvious”. Jim’s proven system begins with changing the way you think about recruiting Loan Officers. Many Sales Managers think of recruiting is posting job ads, handing out business cards, interviewing anyone and everyone. But it’s more than that, it is about a professional’s career.

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