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Choosing a search firm is not easy. In this competitive market it’s important to know your recruiting options. What has worked in the past may not be your best choice now, or in the future. We streamline recruiting activities and reduce your expenses, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business function.white-line Outsource Solutions


Today’s business executives cannot afford to hire mediocre or even average Loan Officers; they need to attract and hire the best of the best, most experienced, with a “book of business” from day one.

Our recruiting solutions provide expertise-driven services for talent acquisition in the mortgage industry; through our innovative combination of contract sourcing, managed recruiting, executive search, consulting and recruitment training.

Recruiting is a unique skill set that requires energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, competitiveness, attention to detail, a sales drive and a compelling desire to advance.

Let us help by handling your recruiting initiatives and challenges.


If you are lacking the proper resources to effectively source for your openings, let our team do the sourcing for you! Our Prospect List Generation recruiting solutions are designed to fill your candidate pool with qualified prospects, substantially increasing your opportunity to hire, reducing your overall costs and timeline to hire the best candidates in today’s competitive job market.

The EMAC Group is a proactive talent scout and is often the first point of contact with prospective candidates in the recruiting effort, working on contract basis in defined term or open-ended contractual engagements. We source qualified candidates based on the job criteria.

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The Virtual Recruiting Agent can help you promote your job opportunities and position your company as an employer of choice with both active and passive candidates.

EMAC provides clients access to candidates that were directly sourced from industry competitors or from companies with similar organizational structure. This resource will provide clients with candidates they typically would not have had access to in the past.

Identify and develop targeted list of qualified candidate. Client will receive qualified candidate names, their company, phone numbers, title, city and state. Provide qualified candidates that best fit the client position requirements.

EMAC will present the client’s opportunity and initiate the candidate to the interview process.

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Challenges in Recruiting – Do you know of a Top Industry Producers you would like to hire – but can’t seem to get them back to the table?

The Candidate ReStart Solution will assist you in bringing the prospects you’ve identified back to the interview process. Today’s mortgage employment market is strong for Top Producers, good
candidates typically have more than one opportunity from which to choose.

When deciding between two companies, all else being equal, a candidate’s level of trust in a potential employer could be the deciding factor in their choice.

EMAC understands that the candidate concerns at the later stages are due to; the possibility of a counter-offer or a competitive offer from another company. The primary reasons highly-qualified candidates’ opt-out of the interview process is usually due to lack of the essential information to move forward.

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Negotiating the close can be the hardest part of the hiring process.

This  is especially true of recruiting Loan Officers, where the stakes can be high and top talent is in high demand. Open communication is critical to your success at this point in the interview process.

We will assist our clients with the candidate that they sourced and initiated the interview process, isolate the candidate’s issues and concerns, adjust the opportunity and/or offer with changes and proceed until the targeted candidate is Successfully hired.

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At EMAC Recruiting Academy we work with you and your organization to strengthen your recruiting skills, through a comprehensive all-encompassing offering of state-of-the-art recruitment solutions. Our solutions are designed to ensure our clients receive hands-on support that ensure they meet their Net Hiring Goals.

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