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Let our team make the cold calls for you. Hiring Managers know how difficult and time consuming it is to reach and recruit potential candidates on the phone – especially when engaged in passive candidate recruiting. Let us save you time and frustration in generating a list of qualified candidates for your position.


In both good markets…and bad, attracting, recruiting and hiring top talent requires continuous and frequent contact… the need to implement sustainable and competitive recruiting strategies… The Virtual Recruiting Agent helps you promote your job opportunities and position your company as an employer of choice with both active and passive candidates.

We provide clients with industry leading resources to attract the top performing passive candidates. Selecting the right Loan Officers that fit your culture  is a critical area that requires a lot of attention, as it can have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line.

Our team provides clients access to candidates that were directly sourced from industry competitors or from companies with similar organizational structure. This resource will provide clients with candidates that they typically would not have had access to in the past.


TALENT SHORTAGE in today’s increasingly competitive recruiting environment, demand for top talent exceeds supply. Demographic data shows that this trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. As a result, companies are finding it more difficult to meet their hiring goals using traditional methods.

Our clients understand this… however, time and again, they also face the reality that no matter how innovative the ‘strategy’, recruiting boils down to ‘investing quality time’. The most innovative recruiting strategies still require people to focus time and this is often a limited resource for most Sales Managers.

Our highly specialized recruiting services supplements your existing staffing function. By utilizing a transitory recruiting strategy, we help your organization implement a cost effective program that lowers your cost-per-hire, minimize the impact of employee turnover, and positions a solid foundation to build an effective employee retention program.

If you are lacking the proper resources to effectively source for seasoned Loan Officers, let our team do the sourcing of qualified candidates. We will provide a list of qualified candidates that includes all of their contact information and a basic profile.


The EMAC Group’s Virtual Recruiting Agent provides Clients with qualified candidates that best fit culture and company’s position requirements and are directly recruited from industry competitors.

Our Virtual Recruiting Agent can maximize the effectiveness of your search by:

    • Presenting your job opportunity and compelling reasons why someone should consider joining your company
    • Screening candidates for suitability based on your specific criteria
    • Determining educational background, current position, areas of expertise, years of experience and salary/income requirements
    • Obtaining current resumes when available
    • Soliciting direct contact information including direct dial, home number, cell phone number, and e-mail address
    • Presenting your position professionally and discreetly

The Search Consultants present our client’s opportunity to prospective candidates and initiate the first interview. EMAC search consultant sources qualified individuals from targeted areas or companies.

By the time our client meet with the candidates we will have described the position, the opportunity, company culture and profile of the ideal candidate the client seeks to hire for this role.

We present your position and company opportunities to competent prospects and qualify their background during a private telephone conversation.


We are dedicated to providing solutions to directly source, attract and recruit the most qualified candidate in a highly competitive job market. We provide our clients with industry-leading resource to attracting passive candidates.

We employ a highly innovative blend of recruiting strategies, applying the best techniques of both recruitment research and executive search firms to deliver:

  • Not just more candidates, but more Ideal Candidates
  • Not just qualified candidates, but fully pre-qualified, pre-screened, and pre-closed candidates
  • Never just a list of candidates, but a detailed report on candidates you can close quickly
  • Not just the right candidate, but the complete database of candidates considered
  • Never just new recruits, but full-cycle recruitment support system

EMAC will provide the front end executive search process to include; schedule the first interview with qualified candidates, then debriefing both parties information with their reaction to your opportunity.

At this point the client will continue the interview process to the completion of a successful hire and/or hires, with no additional cost to the client.


The key to a successful recruiting strategy is a thorough understanding of the company’s culture, the specific job requirements of the position, the corporate environment and management style.

Step 1: Define Minimum Job Criteria

  • Understanding of the client’s business and company culture.
  • Obtain Hiring Manager job description on position’s scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships, and profile of the Ideal candidate.
  • Develop the list of target companies.

Step 2: Identify Targets and Candidates

  • Develop targeted company locations, phone numbers, and list of all potential qualified candidates in each location.
  • Search our proprietary databases and network of contacts.
  • Locate and identify potential candidates using direct sourcing methods.

Step 3: Present and peak the interest of Qualified Candidates

  • Pre-screen and evaluate candidates for a match to the client’s criteria in the job specification.
  • Present the opportunity and peak the interest of qualified candidates.
  • Determine if qualified candidates are interested.
  • Document a detailed profile of all qualified candidates to include: their overall qualifications, work history, education and income parameters
  • Isolate their interest and motivations to a career change.
  • Provide each qualified candidate with clients information

Step 4: Communicate with Client

  • Review with client each candidate qualifications, years of industry experience, their interest level and motivations to a career change.
  • Provide a detailed profile of each qualified candidate to client.

Step 5: Scheduling the initial Interview

  • Provide date and time of initial interview.
  • Confirm with each qualified/interested candidate.
  • Send a confirmation email with date, time and venue.

Step 6: Interview Debrief

  • Review with client an overview of the interview to include their interest level and any concerns.
  • Determine the next steps in the process
  • Review with candidate their overview of the initial interview to include their interest level and any concerns.
  • Provide client with the candidates debrief and feed back.

Virtual Recruiting Agent provides Hiring Managers with qualified Loan Officer Candidates that best fit your position requirements. All Qualified candidate profile sheet to be approved by client, prior to scheduling, based on a predetermined criteria. You will receive a profile on the candidates:

  • Experience
  • Accomplishments
  • An outline of their production mix
  • Closing volume (year to date and past 3-5 years)
  • Past w-2 income and Year to Date
  • Employment history

The Objective is attracting and hiring the best candidates in a competitive job market. Most successful people will consider looking at career change or advancement, if they feel it is their best interest.

To get a quote on Virtual Recruiting Agent, please contact us to start your search today!

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