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Today more than ever, time is money! Hiring the wrong employee can be damaging to business and could take years to overcome, identifying the best fit talent in your local market can streamline your recruiting initiative.


The EMAC Group is a mortgage recruiting company that has provided alternative recruiting solutions to mortgage lenders in 1995.

With extensive years of experience in the mortgage recruitment industry, we found that most clients struggle with sourcing and locating the right talent for their open positions.  This was especially true for small to medium businesses with tighter budgets and limited resources.

Our solutions provide a way for hiring managers to maximize what the Internet has to offer without costly contracts, exorbitant fees or exhausting time.

Our management team develops customized solutions for lenders of all sizes; to attract and locate quality talent for all their open positions. We specialize in recruiting that elusive Loan Officer with a book of business.


The EMAC leadership has placed over 5,000 mortgage production and fulfillment candidates. If you are challenged with the research phase of the process, we can help; our recruiting tools can access more names and contact information from industry competitors.

Our Prospect List Builder recruiting solutions are designed to fill your candidate pool with qualified prospects, substantially increasing your opportunity to hire, reducing your overall costs and timeline to hire the best candidates in today’s competitive job market. By handling the time consuming recruitment process, we can save you time, money and the frustration of seeking and qualifying top-tier talent.

Sourcing is both an art and science, and requires a commitment of time and hard work. It requires strong research skills, an analytical mindset, ingenuity, and the determination to find candidates with the specific capabilities you seek.

With deep experience gained from sourcing candidates across a number of major social media and industry related groups, the team at EMAC builds robust talent pool filled with active and passive candidates who precisely match your requirements.


We will provide a list of qualified candidates that includes all of their contact information and any Internet-based profile link (Facebook-LinkedIn-NMLS).

Through our custom research team, EMAC can identify the people at specific companies who possess the desired skill sets. This approach is most effective when you have fairly specific job requirements that cannot be filled with conventional recruiting methods, such as advertisements, referral programs and job fairs.

Our research team generates lists of potential candidates and fill our client’s pipeline with a steady flow of qualified candidates in their local market. By utilizing this service, clients are able to maximize their savings on recruiting requirement, while keeping their hiring costs inline with their budget.

We specialize in sourcing and candidate identification of qualified candidates, by utilizing state-of-the-art web scraping tools.

The EMAC Group provides highly specialized recruiting services to supplement your existing staffing function. Using a transitory recruiting strategy, we help your organization implement a cost effective program that lowers your cost-per-hire, minimize the impact of employee turnover, and positions a solid foundation to build an effective employee retention program.

For more information on Prospect List Builder, please contact us to start your search today!

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