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Unlike the traditional Full Desk Recruiter, our team of Search Consultants work together to maximize the best results. For every one position, you’ll have a team of recruiting specialists working for you.



The EMAC Group was founded by successful, high-impact Headhunters with a mission to assist clients with navigating the complete hiring process, from recruitment to on-boarding. We provide a streamlined, accountable solutions, valuing quality and speed to hire candidates with every member of our team.

When you are ready to get started, our Business Development Director will kick off the process with a telephone consultation or on-site visit  We learn about your company culture and how the business operates to identifying your needs and the profile of the best fit candidates. We stand out from the competition by providing you a team of mortgage recruiting professionals working on your behalf.

This model sets us apart from the competition because your recruiting processes are happening simultaneously, creating a seamless experience for both you and your job candidates. We know how to ask the “right questions” through in-depth phone screens and behavioral interviews.

Our Market Intelligence identifies who knows what in the marketplace. Our Search Consultants provide concise, detailed and consolidated feedback on the very technical questions that you would love to know about competitors, markets, technologies and general scope of the candidate’s activity in the marketplace.


business-devlopment Virtual Recruiting Team

Our Business Development Director works with you to understand the culture of your organization, identify your recruiting needs, determine job requirements and assign appropriate recruiters to the task. Many small to medium sized search firms still depend on recruiters to do both business development (find your own job orders) as well as make placements.

Our business development team brings the same experience and enthusiasm into their jobs as our recruiters. They deal directly with clients to determine how EMAC can help solve our clients mortgage recruiting challenges. This person will be responsible for developing new business and driving top line revenue growth for our clients.

Our advertising representative supports the recruiting team by creating and promoting your job opening to attract targeted passive and active job seekers in the industry. We also promote positions to our extensive database and assist with market research.


Our Sourcing Specialist and Search Consultants support the Account Managers by networking and building talent pipelines through social networking channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and other marketplace and professional databases. Many candidates will often hold back about other job opportunities that have not come directly from their recruiter.

Your dedicated recruiter works closely with your hiring manager to conduct the entire recruiting process, including:

  • telemarketer-300x199 Virtual Recruiting TeamFinding talent
  • Screening resumes
  • Creating interview guides
  • Completing in-depth interviews
  • Processing pre-employment assessments and background checks
  • Making offers and sending offer letters

Our dedicated Account Manager get to know your business so well, they promote your company’s vision and opportunity with every call they make to hundreds of quality candidates. We will help you build a network of qualified talent and competitive intelligence in the marketplace.

Our Project Leaders support both the hiring managers and recruiting team by presenting the client’s opportunity, scheduling interviews with qualified candidates, ensuring our recruiters spend the majority of their time productively speaking with more qualified candidates.

We align the candidate’s expectations with your job specifications. We are experienced in hiring for “Attitude” in addition to the expected skill sets and experience.


The EMAC Group strives to meet our clients needs in whatever way we can. Using our inclusive proprietary database and expert sourcing and research strategies, we can provide an accurate assessment of the available talent for a particular role, industry, and location. To that end, we will ensure that our recruiting efforts fit seamlessly within our client’s company’s vision, goals, and core values.

Phase 1: Defining and Differentiating Your Company

We believe that every organization has a unique culture and a specific set of needs. For each assignment, we generate a new pool of prospective candidates specifically appropriate to that search. Drawing on the vast resources of our entire firm, we ensure that each candidate pool represents an extensive group of diverse, highly qualified individuals with the credentials and personal qualities that our client is seeking.

  • Organizational Structure and Cultural
  • Assessments, Short and Long Term Goals including industry position Competitive Analysis
  • Complete Research and Creation of a targeted Search Strategy
  • Listing of Competitors as Recruitment Targets
  • Creation and refinement of company and position’s Selling Points

We are adept at finding accomplished candidates who are articulate, visionary, innovative, and ethical. We focus on sourcing candidates who can effectively drive progress in an environment that is adverse to change.

Phase 2: Defining the Specific Role

  • History of the Position
  • Ideal candidate Profile
  • Requirements (must haves and wishlist)
  • Compensation targets
  • Interview process
  • Career path expectations, etc…

Phase 3:  Search and Sourcing of Candidates

  • Leveraging of industry relationships
  • Referral network
  • Posting on specialized web boards
  • Social media campaigns
  • Detailed intelligence included with candidate submittals and customized market reporting

Phase 4:  Interview Process and Pipeline of Candidates

  • Full cycle scheduling of pre-screened, interviewed candidates
  • Assistance with manager interview training and guidance, availability to join interviews and leading the  process
  • Feedback sessions and interview opinion consolidations

Phase 5: Closing and On-boarding Selected Candidates

  • Complete Salary and Benefits Negotiation
  • Closing and Offer Letters
  • Reference and/or Background Checks
  • Meet and Greet of new hire prior or on start date
  • On-boarding presentation and delivery.


The EMAC culture is and always will be to deliver on the promises and deadlines we make every day to every client.

The achievement of this daily ideal relies heavily on the skills, integrity, reputation and dedication of our employees. Our staff focuses on creating tailored solutions that help hiring managers differentiate their opportunity from competitors and attract talent. We help clients fill their executive recruiting needs while maintaining long-standing partnerships to assist in the long term growth of our team.

We hire and grow the very best in the industry. Our careful skills and knowledge cultivation and rigorous training gives our team a unique and highly competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace. No one is too old to learn. Everyone is expected to do so on a regular basis.

Everyone at EMAC is expected to participate in an intense schedule of collaborative reinforcement training. Continuous recruitment training keeps us razor-sharp with the fundamentals and up-to-date on best practices and new techniques that might be relevant to our clients’ objectives.

EMAC’s deep, ongoing commitment to the education of its staff is unique for the recruiting industry. No one gets started at EMAC until they’ve been through our extensive curriculum in recruitment basics, and everyone here is expected to make learning a part of their personal mission, whether they are new-hires or industry veterans that have been with us for years.

Our training is not delivered via your typically dry corporate PowerPoint presentation. Learning sessions here are focused and interactive. We use role-playing, micro-training, and learning games to engage the staff. And in all cases, EMAC training sessions are recorded and made available for later access via a cutting-edge self-directed training platform, further entrenching a training and learning mindset in our culture.

Training plays an important part in each new client transition, in two distinct ways. During knowledge transfer, we provide every member of our new client-dedicated team(s) with extensive training on the client’s operations, culture, hiring process, recruitment technology, staffing needs, and employment brand. This training is developed in close collaboration with our clients.

We also provide the teams with reinforcement courses on the specific aspects of a search assignment that we’ll be focusing on for that client. Transition training helps make sure that our team members are effective recruitment ambassadors for the companies and brands they represent.

Recruiting is not just about filling open positions. It is about understanding the goals and aspirations of both the candidate and hiring manager, so we can find the right people to help transform your business. We start our search by learning about your company’s culture, competitive landscape and profile the ideal candidate that best fit. Armed with this information, we develop and execute a recruiting strategy that gets results.

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