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Are you on track with your recruiting goals? Let us help with recruiting challenges keeping you from meeting your goals.

EMAC Recruiting Academy can help answer all of your questions about acquiring talent in the mortgage industry. Our team of experts are ready to respond to your inquiry with insight that only years of headhunting experience can bring. As part of our Mortgage Recruiting Boot Camp series; veteran headhunters Jim McGrath and Ben Robinette share their views on; sourcing, courting and on-boarding challenges in this competitive environment.

We want to hear what recruiting questions you have and answer as many as we can. Whether you’re curious about how to keep candidates engaged or struggling with closing the offer, we are providing answers to your questions. Additionally, if you need more information on structuring an acceptable financial package or want help overcoming late stage objections, submit your questions below.

We are looking forward to hearing your toughest recruiting scenarios and will provide you with several types of answers that can help overcome these obstacles. Our objective is to assist you in your quest to hire top talent in today’s competitive marketplace. A list of all questions/scenarios will be answered and available to all participants.

Please take a minute to describe your scenario:

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