white-line Blueprint e-Learning Course Outline
Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Series teaches successful recruiting best practices used by professional Headhunters.

This is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system to recruit loan officers ever assembled into a single package that is jam packed with time-tested techniques and cutting edge ideas to building a successful sales force quickly, effectively and at the lowest possible cost per hire. (You must be a Member or Logged In) white-line Blueprint e-Learning Course Outline

Module 1 Power of Planning
Unit 1 Goals and Metrics
Unit 2 One-Year Planning
Unit 3 90-day Call to Action Exercise
Unit 4 Recruiting Planner - Download Template
Module 2 Recruiting Best Practices
Unit 1 Must Know Fundamentals
Unit 2 Secrets to Hiring Talent
Unit 3 Learn the Five Phases
Unit 4 Psychology To Attract Talent
Module 3 Powerful Habits & Disciplines
Unit 1 Recruiting Sales Manager
Unit 2 Sharpen Your Recruiting Skills
Unit 3 Time Management
Module 4 Managing the Process
Unit 1 Recruiting Campaign
Unit 2 Create A Talent Pool
Module 5 Quest for Top Talent
Unit 1 Ideal Candidate Profile
Unit 2 Branding Strategies
Unit 3 Advanced Sourcing
Unit 4 Underwrite The Prospect
Module 6 Winning the Interview
Unit 1 Turn Colds Call Into Warm Calls
Unit 2 The First Encounter
Unit 3 Keep Your Prospects Engaged
Module 7 Closing Game Plan
Unit 1 Final Offer Strategy
Unit 2 Successful Onboarding
Module 8 Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Effectiveness Survey
Unit 1 Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Survey


Recruiting is a systematic process that begins the moment an opening is identified and does not end until the new hire is well on board. Following a careful recruitment plan is the best assurance of a successful hire. Follow the steps outlined in this guide as we walk you through the entire process, providing proven tools, strategies and techniques used by professional recruiters.




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