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Your curiosity will pay dividends! My name is Jim McGrath – Veteran mortgage industry Headhunter. Over the past 20 years, my focus has been in recruiting sales professionals at all levels. I have recruited and placed thousands of Loan Officers for clients of all sizes.

What you will learn from our training programs is exactly what motivates candidates to consider looking at new opportunities, the strategies on how to recruit these professionals and our proven techniques that will help you successfully hire and on-board the best talent in your market.


Hiring talent isn’t about job boards or recruiting software, it’s about people!

“People going to work for people!” 

That may sound trite, but it is true!  It’s about people working with people they trust and managers that are focused on their employee’s best interest.  Often time Sales Managers struggled with recruiting talent, especially experienced Loan Officers. As Sales Leaders, their primary responsibilities are managing the organization, pricing and closing loans on time, and delivering superior customer service. Not Recruiting!

Attracting talent is about employing a direct recruiting and relationship methodology that get results. Without subtle, powerful recruiting techniques; you won’t gain trust, you won’t develop rapport and without talent joining your team, you won’t meet your financial goals.  And you will continue to lose top talent to your competitors.  It’s that simple.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place … this is the only focal point you will need for all the logical and effective methods to recruiting experienced Loan Officers. Once you learn our proven strategies, it will not be as challenging to identify, attract and hire the best Loan Officers to your team.

Whether you are a sales manager new to the recruiting process or a seasoned regional manager, EMAC Recruiting Academy shows you how to win. We take you beyond the recruitment process, beyond just placing ads online, we teach you profitable recruiting best practices. Sometimes it helps to get perspective and guidance from the outside or hire a coach to help you navigate through the recruiting process.

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