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Do you want to take your business to the next level as quickly as possible?

Which of these sound familiar? You want to get the attention and interest of more experienced candidates. You want better recruiting materials that promotes your corporate values. You want to get prospects to respond to your initial recruiting calls. You want to be able to consistently implement recruiting activities that will work best for you and your schedule. You want to meet with more qualified prospects and persuade them to join your team.


Let’s face it, recruiting is a daunting task!

In today’s mortgage environment very few Sales Managers have never been adequately trained on the necessary skills to be a totally effective recruiter. Finding and committing the time to learn how to recruit Loan Officers is difficult for a busy professional.

Hiring decision are made to fill chairs with Loan Officers and hire mediocre Loan Officers that fail, it can set your P & L back and take months to recover. That is the primary objective of EMAC Recruiting Academy, we train our client to be more effective at the job duty that can make or break them, recruiting talent.

Our Get Recruiting Answers program provides recruitment advice on current issues or candidate situations; such as identifying the best source for names, overcoming objections or closing or offer negotiations. This is ideal if you have high recruiting goals in mind or candidate issues that you need to work through. The purpose of this session is to review your current process, handle any concerns and keep you on track to a successful recruiting campaign.


An organization is entirely dependent upon its human capital.

The cost of making a bad hiring decision does not only affect your time and corporate resources; it can have a huge financial implication and negatively affect your organization’s image and reputation. Not to mention the detrimental effect it could potentially have on the morale and work environment!

Recruiting is less challenging if you have a proven system. For both novice and expert hiring managers; it can be extremely challenging to fully comprehend the complexities, trends, and recruiting best practices in this ever-shifting mortgage industry.

Register today and get all your recruiting questions answer in a private sessions with veteran headhunters. Our trainers will discuss the best candidate sourcing strategies, what to say on the initial call, plus all the intricacies of developing relationships and closing techniques that ensure your success.


You may be great at promoting your professional services, but when recruiting talent, you may feel stuck or feel unsure what to do or how to make a particular area of your recruiting and interview process more effective.

This Get Recruiting Answers program provides Sales Managers with an overview of the mortgage recruiting landscape, to include; list building and candidate development strategies, profiling the Ideal Candidate and creating scripts that will attract the best candidates to your organization and pro-offer techniques to close more Loan Officers.

By working with you on an individual basis, you can draw on our wealth of  “real-world”practical experience on issues that are real-world tactical and strategic. Get Recruiting Answers provides hiring managers with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to attract and hire Top Talent.

Register today for our Get Recruiting Answers and book your private session.

60 Day Guarantee

We truly care that our information will immediately impact your business!

One of the reasons so many industry professionals trust EMAC Recruiting Academy and invest in our services; is that True Integrity and Real Honesty behind EMAC Recruiting Academy products and services.

.60-day-guarantee2 Get Recruiting Answers


For just a fraction of what recruiting books and training courses cost – you’ll get more information than you can handle in the first lesson – PLUS more. This is the only place you can get this product right now (and you can instantly access it – you don’t have to wait for delivery or wait till a course is running).

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

It is time to; get the attention and interest of more candidates, create better recruiting materials that establish your corporate values and get the best prospects to respond to you, learn how to implement recruiting activities that will work best for you, meet more qualified prospects, engage them and get them to want to join your team?


Get Recruiting Answers 90 minutes of private sessions will jump-start your recruiting campaign, teach you new recruiting skill sets and hiring best practices—all from the comfort of your own desk, to include:

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersRecruiting Analysis and Assessment – What you are current doing and where do you want to go? We will email you a questionnaire prior to the session.

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersNinety (90) minute private session with veteran headhunter. This training will help you develop your recruiting campaign, with activities that yield the best results and keep you focused on key areas that immediately impact the future direction of the organization. ($525 Value)

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersTarget areas of immediate concern – Sourcing, making the initial contact call, courting, closing on the offer, objections/rebuttals, on-boarding, etc…

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersMortgage Recruiting Forum – Recorded Workshop Library

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersMonthly Newsletter Subscription – Tip, advice and tactics used by professionals

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersSelf Improvement Assignments – A check list to make the changes in your current approach

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersSession Evaluation Email – outlining the assessment results from the session

green-check-small Get Recruiting AnswersLifetime access to Loan Officer Recruiting e-Learning Platform ($297 value)



Special Offer $395 ($822.00 Value)

Click here and Sign up for your Get Recruiting Answers sessions today!

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Our Training + Your Commitment = The Best Results

Why do our customers get such great results with our training? Most important – they have the desire and are committed to getting better.

I have been in Sales Management for over 35 years and the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is a system that should not only be read by mortgage professionals and corporate recruiters, but by anyone who has the need to search out, recruit and hire top performers in any industry….Mr. McGrath has nailed it, this e-Learning is a must read! The proven system is revealed in Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system for recruiting commissioned Loan Officers ever written. It’s a complete, turn-key, self-study course jam packed with cutting edge techniques to build your sales force quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Tony D., Los Angeles, CA
I just wanted to write and say that your e-learning was instrumental in helping me hire my very first Loan Officer. I used the first lesson to prepare my recruiting plan and I am now using the techniques to onboard my new employee. The information you provided was relevant, practical and simply stated. It puts other books to shame!

Michael P., Dallas, TX
Jim is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make an impact in the mortgage industry! Not only does he possess an unmatched skill set as a mortgage recruiting professional, but unlike so many others recruiters, he’s able to translate his knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner. Check out his training for anything and everything related to mortgage recruiting.

Cathy H., Burlington, MA

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I purchased your recruiting e-Learning and am about 40 pages in currently. I have been in the business almost 20 years and have been recruiting actively for about 15 of them. I have successfully recruited and hired at least 100 people on my own. Nobody—and I mean nobody—has ever taken the time to sit down and put all of this info in one place. In this industry we have been forced over time to learn everything by trial and error or miscellaneous things passed down from generation to generation. I have used many of your techniques in the past, but didn’t really know why, nor was I able to apply things consistently because I didn’t really have a strategy. So I appreciate that you have put this road map together. Thanks again and great job.

Joel L., Durham, NC
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