The Most Learning and Cost Effective Way to Improve the Team’s Recruiting Performance

The EMAC Recruiting Academy’s highly regarded on-site training provides hiring managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

The modernized in-person training modules cover industry and market trends and topics crucial to recruiters at all experience levels, including best practices in online sourcing and web search, effective metrics, and behavioral based interviewing.

Recruitment Classroom and Internet-enabled Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars

on-site-training On-site WorkshopsAt the EMAC Recruiting Academy we work with you and your organization to strengthen your recruiting skills, through a comprehensive all-encompassing offering of state-of-the-art recruitment training solutions.

Recruiting is a unique skill set that requires energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, competitiveness, attention to detail, a sales drive and a compelling desire to advance – no wonder it is an appealing, challenging and lucrative industry!

The EMAC Recruiting Academy is passionately dedicated to providing you with training that is cost-effective, time-effective and learning-effective. The design, development and delivery of our courses will always take full advantage of the latest learning retention-enhancing delivery solutions to facilitate and ensure that you and everyone in your business benefits from the optimum in training and business value.

Our workshops provide participants with the strategies and techniques used by professional recruiters.

If you’re serious about your performance—and your income—check out these powerful topics:

Candidate Sourcing and Recruiting
  • Learn dozens of proven (and often unconventional) methods to stimulate candidate flow
  • Utilize advertising, inventory, research and direct contact methods to attract “passive” Loan Officer candidates
  • Evaluate various Internet resources such as job postings, social networks and online recruiting
  • Expand your network by applying the laws of direct marketing
  • Increase the effectiveness of voice mail, e-mail, social media and cold-call recruiting.
Enhance Your Recruiting Skills

Build more powerful recruiting and presentation scripts that:

  • Create greater interest
  • Get a wider range of results
  • Increase the number of candidate referrals from your staff
  • Improve your candidate pull through ratio
  • Bolster your overall confidence, clarity and credibility
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition by building a stronger employer brand identity
  • Eliminate your reliance on expensive job posting as your sole means of attracting talent.
Strengthen Your Candidate Assessment and Pre-Closing
  • Save time and prevent disaster! Learn how to quickly match candidates to your culture with greater accuracy
  • Sidestep “problem” candidates who waste your time and frustrate your efforts
  • Eliminate offer turn-downs and counteroffers
  • Use “bottom line” techniques to close more prospects
  • Identify candidate hot buttons, sticking points, mixed signals and red flags.
Winning Strategies: The Recruiting Side of the Business
  • Strengthen your tactics and time management to: Screen out high-risk prospects
  • Exercise and maintain a higher level of control
  • Establish ground rules with your candidates and hiring managers
  • Monopolize candidate flow
  • Reduce your dependency on resume submissions
  • Shorten the interview cycle time
  • Set up simultaneous multiple interviews

Workshop attendees receive a well-organized workbook with program notes and additional take-home materials, plus generous discounts on all published training materials.

A message from Jim:

“Sales Managers don’t really need a Recruiter to hire Loan Officers… They just need a Recruiting Coach!

Jim-McGrath1 On-site WorkshopsI’ve worked with 100’s of clients, and the most effective way to improve their recruiting skills, is to get me in their office. There seem to be webinars for every type of training and the attention span of participants is marginal, if I can spend a day in your office with your Sales Managers, you will see immediate results. This is the fastest return on investment!

One day in the office got my client over $5 million/month in closed deals directly attributed to what they learned in the single day of training and this happened just 30 days after the training. I bring a results-focused and process-oriented approach to performance improvement.”

“Because of my teaching style, I’m able to teach your people how to think at a higher level, how to develop a rock-solid strategy, how to master the tactics of attracting and hiring top talent, and how to develop disciplined and effective work habits.”

The EMAC Group continually develops new recruiting strategies, tools and methods to enhance overall recruiting efforts. Recruiting is a core part of our business. We make every effort to attract the best candidates available in today’s market and have adopted a unique and multi-faceted approach to recruiting.

For pricing or to schedule In-house training, please contact us today.



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