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The difference between coaching and training is that coaching allows the Sales Manager to think through the issues themselves and come up with their own solutions by using targeted questioning methods.

Our structured recruiting approach is used to help Hiring Managers gain “recruiting insights” and take action to move towards meeting their recruiting goal. Performance Coaching moves you through a structured process to achieve goals bigger than you would have ever set on your own. What do you really want from your organization? What do you REALLY want to achieve? And how to achieve it?

EMAC continues to provide Sales Managers with a proven Loan Officer recruiting systems and specializes in accountability through coaching; management skills training; recruiting strategies and techniques; and office staffing solutions.

What is Performance Coaching? A definition by Jim McGrath

“Performance Coaching is where you pose a current and substantive “recruiting dilemma” and I help you think through possible solutions, offering my own thoughts as we go. It’s different to “traditional” coaching because I tap into my extensive knowledge and experience with recruiting in the mortgage industry to move you towards positive solution.

Performance Coaching is designed to assist you with a particular issue you are having. It might be that you lack motivation; you have hit a brick wall as far as sourcing top prospects or you need an objective look at your interview and hiring process. Performance Coaching is where we set a recruiting goal and I help you work to achieve it through one-on-one sessions.

EMAC Performance Coaching teaches Sales Managers how to:

white-line Recruitment Performance Coaching

  • Think at a higher level … and more creatively!
  • Develop a rock-solid recruiting strategy
  • Master the tactics of attracting and hiring top talent
  • Develop disciplined and effective work habits.

Sometimes it helps to get perspective and guidance from the outside or to find a guide that can help you navigate through such an intense process.

At the end of the program you will have renewed passion and excitement for your organization and be armed with new ideas to attract, hire and on-board top producers. Today’s Sales Managers and Loan Officers want to align with the market innovator and with a company that has positive momentum… our goal is to put you in a position to have both!

Jim shares his trade secrets and provide a “Blue Print” for Hiring Managers of all type, to build a successful organization of Superstars. The LOAN OFFICER RECRUITING BLUEPRINT teaches you “How to Attract and Successfully Hire Loan Officers”.

The EMAC Group provides a focus on volume recruiting of revenue-generating professionals using “Direct Recruiting” strategies; we know how to find the right candidates for your volume hiring needs.

Partnering for Success

Our Mentoring Programs will work with you on a One-on-One basis to ensure that key performance targets are being accomplished based upon your specific expectations.

Our staff will make recommendations that are designed to increase the effectiveness and overall efficiencies of your recruiting plan. We will ensure that you receive personalized service each and every time you call with a specific question or request.

The EMAC Groups’ core competencies focus on prospecting for new candidates and integrating the following recruiting tools to help us exceed your program expectations:

  • Web Based recruiting tools
  • Extensive database of qualified candidates
  • Custom designed script writing
  • Database Management and Warehousing
  • Development of both candidate work history and demographics lists
  • Customized activity performance reporting
  • E-commerce application design and implementation

Strategies to Doubling Your Effectiveness Recruiting

The Programs on the following pages outline assumptions based upon experience and that of industry benchmarks related to your recruiting campaigns, the following assumptions will be utilized when calculating the expectations of your program.

Its success is based on the conversion rate of prospects-to-interview, interview-to-offer and offer-to-hire. “More prospects at the offer = more successful hires”!

The EMAC Group continually develops new recruiting strategies, tools and methods to enhance overall recruiting efforts. Recruiting is a core part of our business. We make every effort to attract the best candidates available in today’s market and have adopted a unique and multi-faceted approach to recruiting.

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