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“The Latest version with new strategies and techniques to find more candidates on the web today”



Learn recruiting techniques and strategies used by Professional Headhunters.

The refinance market has dried up and mortgage professionals at all levels are looking around for new opportunities. The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform teaches you successful recruiting best practices used by professional Headhunters.

Recruiting is a systematic process that begins the moment you identify a talented Loan Officer, and does not stop until the new hire is well on board. Following a careful recruitment plan is the best assurance to a successful hire. This guide walks you through the entire recruiting and interview process, providing you with proven tools and time tested techniques used by professional recruiters.

Learn at your own pace! This is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system to recruit Loan Officers ever assembled into a single package. You get a complete self-study guide; jam packed with proven recruiting strategies to building a successful sales force quickly, effectively and at the lowest possible cost per hire.


Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint Micro-Learning Platform draws from author Jim McGrath’s wealth of practical experience on issues that are both tactical and strategical. If you’re running a large sales teams or are a business owner, we can work with your Sales Manager on an individual basis to assist them in achieving their recruiting goals.

  • Why “A” players make such a huge difference. The type of employees you hire have a direct reflection to how the industry views your organization and your chances to attract talent.
  • Why recruiting Loan Officers is completely different than recruiting other team members. Recruiting an individual that is not looking requires key steps and a systematic process.
  • Recruiting secrets of professional headhunters – The “Three Secrets” you need to know to be a successful recruiter.
  • Critical mistakes most sales managers make when approaching top producers. Learn what to say and how to say it to keep a prospect engaged.
  • 10 Ways to Build “Retention” into your organization to dramatically reduce costly turnovers.

The Loan Officers Recruiting Blueprint is a total learning system that teaches you how you, too, can recruit like a PRO, and saves you countless hours of effort and potentially saves months (or years) building a Team of Top Producers.

  • How to Develop a Winning Recruiting Campaign. Promoting your company to new employees is the same as promoting your services to new clients.
  • Key criteria for selecting the RIGHT Loan Officers. What are the top competencies and characteristic required to best successful?
  • When, where and how to use advertising. Attracting talent to your company requires the knowledge of where to place ads to attract the right candidates.
  • How to recruit loan officers with top Realtor® referrals. Learn how to get agents to refer the best candidates.
  • Understand the six reasons a loan officer will make a lateral move. Money is not the #1 reason most top producers make a career move.

Once you take action, you will start to learn the techniques and strategies to successfully hire top talent, used by professionals. This Learning Management System (LMS) teaches you everything you need to source, attract (active and passive) candidates and the skills you will need to successfully hire the best fit Loan Officers in your market. As you work through each training modules; you will learn techniques, strategies and principle you’ll be able to implement immediately.

  • Five essential steps to a successful hire. Follow these steps to grow you organization to a new level.
  • How to spot and separate the duds from the diamonds. Learning how to identify the characteristics of under-performers will save you thousands of dollars.
  • Why managing recruiting activity levels results in more referrals. The old saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure rings true in recruiting.
  • The most effective way to contact and cultivate top producing loan officers. How approach passive candidates in your initial contact has everything to do with keeping them engage through the entire process.

Learn how to identify and enhance your current recruiting approach with recommendations that will strengthen your preparation and help you recognize new opportunities for improved results.


Learn the Recruiting Game

We are offering a Learning Management System (LMS) that has the best value in the market. When you combine the fact that Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint has all the features that hiring managers demand for an engaging learning environment with our low cost of access, it’s a win-win for our clients.

The key to growth in any organization is having a “Winning Recruiting System” that works. It becomes much easier when you learn the fundamental principles and have a proven system to follow.

  • Planning – A One Year Recruiting Plan Template, an outline of exactly what you need to do to meet your goals.
  • Scripts on how to attract top producers, with a list of the most common objectives and rebuttals to overcome them.
  • 22 Point Check List – This checklist helps you keep track of your recruiting efforts.
  • Ideal Candidate Profile Sheet – Outline the skills and competencies of a top performer in your organization.
  • Production Goal Worksheet – A complete blueprint to the activities you will need to meet your goals.
  • One year FREE newsletter Membership – Tip and advice from industry professionals

Today, more than ever, you have to be as good a recruiter, as you are a lender. And if you’re not good now, you have to learn how to be the best. An effective Recruiting System has structure, it has rules you train yourself to follow and the more you know, the better you get.


Getting Started

Whether you’re a seasoned; Regional Manager, Branch Manager, Sales Manager, New to Sales Management or an aspiring Senior Loan Officer wanting to break into management, the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is a must have tool!

Leveraging modern technology, this Micro-Learning Platform delivers a dynamic and creative learning space for Sales Managers, and provides them access and the ability to interact with important course information through any mobile device.

As you go through the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint, you won’t feel alone. The tools help you focus your strategy and improve your technique, set goals and develop a plan for success.

Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint teaches you in-depth closing techniques on how to interview, present a compelling opportunity and closing passive candidates, how to structure an offer, and how to gain their commitment to join your team immediately. You’ll learn new ways of closing Top Producers used by the very best recruiters.


lifesaver Loan Officer Recruiting BlueprintJust as professional athletes hire coaches to help them improve performance, business people have coaches to help them maximize their true potential and enhance the level of success in their professional and personal lives.

Jim McGrath’s ‘passion’ for recruiting: the author gives unprecedented access to the “Secrets to Recruiting” seasoned Loan Officers for 2018 and beyond. Once clients learn the “ART of Recruiting” and the techniques used by professional Headhunters, they have the tools necessary to build and maintain a quality sales force for the future.


About the Author

Why should you listen to Jim?

Jim McGrath has enjoyed a successful career recruiting, hiring and training top-producing Loan Officers. He has recruited thousands of mortgage professionals for clients ranging from small community banks to industry giants like Wells Fargo, GMAC, GE and Citibank. The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform focuses on teaching you in-depth closing techniques on how to interview, present a compelling opportunity and closing passive candidates, how to structure an offer, and how to gain their commitment to join your team immediately. You’ll learn new ways of closing Top Producers used by the very best recruiters.

Today, more than ever, you have to be as good a recruiter, as you are a lender. And if you’re not good now, you have to learn how to improve your recruiting skills to be successful. An effective recruiting system has structure; it has rules you train yourself to follow and the more you know, the better you get.

This Self-Study Guide gives you a clear plan to dramatically increase your team’s revenue and productivity. Now, for a fraction of what Jim charges for his in-house sales manager training seminars, you can gain access to dozens of proven techniques that have stood the test of time, all arranged in a convenient format that you’ll refer back to for years to come… Learn more about the Author

Truth About Recruiting

From the desk of Jim McGrath

The rapid changes and increased complexity of today’s mortgage industry presents new challenges and put new demands on the recruitment process. Recruiting is like running any business; there is no magic bullet, no one technology vendor and no employment agency that is going to be the answer. Proactive-thinking managers recognize their role in the process, and proactively create strategy, process, and measurement to ensure success.

From working with hundreds of Sales Managers in the trenches, often I find the same issues come up repeatedly that keep Sales Managers from achieving their goals. Which ones look familiar to you?

  1. Finding top Loan OfficersJim-McGrath1 Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint
  2. Attracting quality Loan Officers
  3. Retaining talented employees
  4. Under-performing team of Loan Officers
  5. Overcoming candidate objections
  6. Closing at the offer
  7. Onboarding new hires

Whatever your challenge we can help. Whether you’ve been in Sales Management for 10 years or you’re just getting started, this e-Learning Platform gives you the tools to build a top-producing team.

With recruiting agency placement fees averaging over $10,000 per hire, and contract recruiters getting up to $80 per hour, the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform usually pays for itself many times over as soon as you put its lessons to work.

The sad truth is that less than half of Sales Managers survive their first year. Even fewer survive a second year. Most of those who do survive, continually struggle—only a fraction consistently achieve more than $3 million in monthly team volume. Why is this? Why is it so hard for professionals who managed to get promoted into management positions, consistently struggle to hit $3 million in monthly sales?

The biggest single factor is recruiting. Yes, the economy matters. Yes, underwriting standards have an impact. And yes, interest rates matter. But here’s the truth; Sales Managers with basic recruitment training prove to recruit and successfully hire talent on a consistent basis and hit their goals time and time again.

Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint transforms and restructures your approach to sourcing, attracting and hiring the talent with years of experience, stable referral partners and an existing “book of business.” You learn everything needed to identify, recruit, court and successfully hire THE BEST OF THE BEST. – Jim McGrath

Do you have a Recruiting System

Is your Recruiting System working for you?

If NO, then you are definitely in the right place! Our focus is simple – to help you get all the information you need, by giving you access to the strategies and techniques used by professional headhunters.

The challenges facing today’s Sales Managers are increasing at a rapid pace. The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint was developed as part of the EMAC Recruiting Academy series, and helps Sales Managers meet their recruiting challenges head-on, by providing the latest strategies, tools and ideals on what it takes to recruit & hire Loan Officers in 2018 and beyond.

Loan Officers Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform is not a “Course,” it’s an e-Learning Platform. When you have this recruiting system, you’ll have everything you need to create your own Recruiting Campaign and ensure you become an effective recruiting manager. Remember, you’ll be using the techniques I’ve used as a Professional Recruiter to hire Top Producers.

The self-paced modules provides you with everything you need to be successful at attracting and hiring seasoned Loan Officers. Although there is a lot of information here, it’s compiled in an easy-to-read format and you can navigate using the Table of Contents.

Our proven system will change your approach to recruiting Loan Officers and will help you fill in the gaps, providing you with an outline for your recruiting plan, by showing you how to execute your Recruiting Campaign.

You will receive a detailed sample recruiting plan, plus learn the SECRETS that will take your business and income to THE NEXT LEVEL.

“The good news: what one man can do … any other man or woman can do too! That means as long as you follow the same steps I did—you can get the same results I did. If last year was a rough year for you professionally, than we want to help you make this year your best year ever. If YOU will invest a few hours of your time to learn my proven recruiting system… you will learn; how to quickly recruit and AVOID the most common costly, time wasting hiring mistakes made by every Sales Manager, no matter how many years of experience!” – Jim McGrath

investing-in-you11 Loan Officer Recruiting BlueprintReturn on Investment:

Gaining that competitive advantage is the key to sustainability and business growth. Improving recruitment function, staying motivated and up-to-date with industry trends, new techniques and technologies is essential to achieving your recruiting goal.

When considering whether or not to invest, most of us ask perfectly sensible questions like: “What will the return be?”, “What’s the risk?” and “How quickly will I get the returns?” Would you put your hard-earned money into high-risk investment schemes without knowing about their past performance? Would you invest with professionals who are very thorough, but who can’t prove that their methods deliver business results?


In truth, this is a serious understatement… you’ll probably quadruple your gross profits when you hire Top Producers to your sales force. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been hiring experienced loan officers for a year or 10 years; this e-Learning platform EVENS the playing field, regardless of your experience level.

Every decision you make in your business has risk and rewards. There are no magic formulas that can eliminate that risk. There are things you can do to minimize your risk. How? Make intelligent decisions with confidence and accurate information.

The Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is the key that can unlock your future success. It’s a proven success plan you simply can’t find anywhere else. (You could attend one of our corporate training seminars, but the fee would be several times the price of this training.) “This is the first e-Learning platform of its kind, designed to teach you a proven step-by-step system on how to recruit your way to freedom! Every decision you make in your business is a risk. There are no magic formulas that can eliminate that risk. There are things you can do to minimize your risk. How? Make intelligent decisions with confidence and accurate information.

This e-learning system teaches you how to go beyond the box of traditional warm market business recruiting, which would take you years to develop a quality sales team, to being able to recruit & hire experienced Loan Officers in as little as 30 days.”


What mortgage industry sales managers say about the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint:

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I purchased your recruiting training and am about 40 pages in currently. I have been in the business almost 20 years and have been recruiting actively for about 15 of them. I have successfully recruited and hired at least 100 people on my own. Nobody—and I mean nobody—has ever taken the time to sit down and put all of this info in one place. In this industry we have been forced over time to learn everything by trial and error or miscellaneous things passed down from generation to generation. I have used many of your techniques in the past, but didn’t really know why, nor was I able to apply things consistently because I didn’t really have a strategy. So I appreciate that you have put this road map together. Thanks again and great job.

Joel L., Durham, NC

I just wanted to write and say that your training was instrumental in helping me hire my very first Loan Officer. I used the first chapters of the workbook to prepare my recruiting plan and I am now using the techniques to onboard my new employee. The information you provided was relevant, practical and simply stated. It puts other training to shame!

Michael T, Dallas, TX


Jim is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make an impact in the mortgage industry! Not only does he possess an unmatched skill set as a mortgage recruiting professional, but unlike so many others recruiters, he’s able to translate his knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner. Check out his training for anything and everything related to mortgage recruiting.

Cathy H., Burlington, MA

I have been in Sales Management for over 35 years and the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is training program that should not only be read by mortgage professionals and corporate recruiters, but by anyone who has the need to search out, recruit and hire top performers in any industry….Mr. McGrath has nailed it, this e-Learning is a must read! The proven system is revealed in Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system for recruiting commissioned Loan Officers ever written. It’s a complete, turn-key, self-study course jam packed with cutting edge techniques to build your sales force quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Tony D., Los Angeles, CA

Money-Back Guarantee

Learn how to present your opportunity with tangible unique selling points… make the most of every recruiting opportunity.

Our clients are looking for on-going training and coaching programs that doesn’t stop at the end of the seminar, as people do not retain a career’s worth of knowledge in one day; we will work with clients for as long as it takes to ensure success.


It’s only fair… If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with this e-Learning Platform, than you have a 100% RISK-FREE money back guarantee to protect your investment.

We truly care that you get great information to use immediately.

And if you don’t, then we don’t want to keep a cent of your money. In fact…one of the reasons so many people trust EMAC Recruiting Academy and buy from us is that they know there’s True Integrity and Real Honesty behind the EMAC Recruiting Academy and behind our e-Learning Platform.

Just keep in mind that we could take them down forever at any time, so get them now with no risk.

Here’s the deal:

guarantee-blue Loan Officer Recruiting BlueprintFor just a fraction of what recruiting books and training courses cost – you’ll get more information than you can handle in one session – PLUS more. This is the only place you can get this product right now (and you can instantly access it – you don’t have to wait for delivery or wait till a course is running).

jim-signature Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint




white-line Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint

Get immediate access to the Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint Micro-Learning Platform, jam-packed with strategies, techniques and tools you can start to implement them today. When you order today you’ll also receive the following bonuses as my way of saying thank you for your order:

Order today and receive FREE Bonus Templates

ebook-hardcoverstack-250 Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint

  1. 2018 Recruiting Goal Worksheet
  2. Recruiting 22-Point Checklist
  3. Weekly Tracking System
  4. Loan Officer Business Plan
  5. Sample Recruiting Plan
  6. Accountability worksheets, templates and forms
  7. Why Loan Officers will Make a Lateral Move
  8. How to Overcome Recruiting Objections from Top Producers
  9. You will receive a detailed plan, plus learn the SECRETS that will take your business and income to THE NEXT LEVEL

The #1 recruiting tool available exclusively to the mortgage industry!

white-line Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint

LIFETIME ACCESS $97 white-line Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint

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