in-house-training-2y0ndq6z1detqvzewpshds Why hire a coach?

We hire a professional coach for the same reason why world class athletes, singers, actors, and musicians use coaches – it provides a unique relationship specifically geared towards helping the individual meet his or her personal and professional objectives.

We have helped many hiring professionals find unprecedented success by becoming more effective recruiters who attract and successfully hire top talent to their teams.




EMAC Recruiting Academy helps you take charge of your future, by introducing you to the “Secrets of Recruiting” Loan Officers, we focus on the specific areas where MOST Sales Managers need assistance.

Our One-On-One products deliver customized and role specific training solutions that enable participants to achieve their unique business objectives.

We partner with clients to develop a tailored solution to meet their individual recruiting initiatives.


Recruiting mortgage industry talent has infinitely become more challenging and potentially much more rewarding than ever before.

Today’s elite sales managers realize what drives their business and how to profit from attracting and hiring the best talent. They get ahead of the recruiting curve and lock in opportunities, sometimes months ahead of their competition.

Many sales managers miss their targets and lose candidates, because they lack the knowledge and experience at getting in front of top talent, stay engaged and keep competitors out.

How much would a structured recruiting campaign impact your income? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

On-going and consistent training should be part of your overall recruitment initiative. Learn from industry experts the best practices for implementing recruiting training programs into your personal development strategy.

Register today and receive the coaching you need to meet or exceed your financial goals.


We can all name that individual —  the teacher, coach, or mentor —  who really helped make us who we are today.  At EMAC Recruiting Academy, we know recruiting, and we know the significant impact that dedicated, one-on-one coaching can have in a person’s success.  We also recognize that every individual is different and that there isn’t a “cookie cutter” coaching philosophy that works for everyone.

We realize that assessments, models, and flow charts are only helpful to a certain point and while everyone loves an inspirational quote from an ancient philosopher, individuals care more about tangible takeaways and candid advice.

An organization is entirely dependent upon its human capital. The cost and risk of making a flawed hiring decision will result in a time and resource loss, and could also extend into financial loss implications and how it instantaneously affects your organization’s image and reputation. Our training philosophy is simply “The most learning, time and cost effective training”.

We choose to run and focus the EMAC Recruiting Academy like a real business; not an esoteric education in theoretical isolation organization. We ensure that the knowledge and skills we will provide you ensure that you and your team hit the ground running … from the minute you leave the training session, webinar or seminar!

Every member of our team is committed to delivering our service philosophy. This translates to offering consistent exceptional service to every assignment or project we undertake. Working in cooperation and partnership with everyone we interact with, our aim is to build trust through consistent delivery, to keep our promises and to exceed expectations.



EMAC Recruiting Academy offer training that focuses on your specific learning needs. We create and deliver a custom learning plan to meet your unique requirements. We will listen to your needs and work to understand your business realities.

We will tailor our existing courses (listed above) to focus on your specific areas of need, or even create new courses. The exercises are customized to match your existing and future recruiting environments. In additions, we’ll tailor the delivery of the same material to match the needs of different levels of audiences in your organization: from the executive to the practitioner.

Our clients are looking for on-going training and coaching programs that does not stop at the end of the session, as people do not retain a careers worth of knowledge in one day, we will work with clients for as long as it takes to ensure success.

Our delivery mechanism and duration options are designed to match your exact needs, with minimum sacrifice to learning quality and retention. If desired, we will tailor and deliver training to your people under your brand. We will adapt the courses to fit seamlessly into your annual or quarterly team events or conferences. To discuss your training; and training customization needs please contact David Wesley Tonkin at


EMAC Recruiting Academy knows that recruiting skills are fundamental to success – and enhancing those skills is often an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Our team works with you to analyze your current recruitment processes and will develop a customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

  1. Planning and needs analysis – Assessing the skills and knowledge needs, then designing, developing an individualized training program

  2. The actual training – using one or a blend of classroom, online and webinar deliveries

  3. Course learning delivery materials, participant workbooks and tools

  4. Learning effectiveness – quizzes, tests and experiential learning exercises for enhancing the knowledge and skills of each participant

  5. Recruitment tools – gaining and retaining knowledge through hands on activities. and experiential learning exercises done by participants using real tools

We will help you to  implement management training initiatives that specifically address the  challenges of your industry and the needs of your organization.

Everyone needs someone to push them and challenge them once in awhile.

The good become great and the great become excellent by pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo.  We offer individualized training, targeted coaching to get your recruiting skills to the next level … no matter what your experience level.

Partnering with an experienced coach that has the opportunity to pinpoint, isolate areas for improvement and create solutions to move your recruiting efforts forward.  We determine the areas of focus after meeting with each client and then establish goals to meet their individual recruiting targets.

Recruiting talent is both an art and a science – it often requires the keen eye of an outsider to point out your blind spot and introduce you to new strategies. For some of us, being challenged with the right questions is all that is needed to change your way of thinking and behavior. For others, only pointed, direct feedback will spur us to change. Recruitment coaching with veteran Headhunter supports you with clarifying your vision, evaluating your priorities and core values and holding you accountable to yourself and assist you in achieving business goals.

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