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We are sure you have looked around our site and familiarized yourself a bit with our organization. We also guess you have some questions, so we thought of answering some of the questions we frequently get asked …

Q. What makes EMAC different from other search firms?

A. The EMAC Group takes a team approach to deliver outstanding results that most companies have not experienced in the mortgage industry.

  • We don’t take assignments from our clients until the search is pre-screened and our partners have a high degree of confidence that we will perform.
  • Members of our team have “real world” industry experience and a passion for business.
  • We do extensive upfront industry research and ask the right questions of our clients and candidates to ensure the best possible match.
  • Second, every search is staffed with a team, offering our clients broader expertise, greater flexibility and a wider range of prospecting resources.

Q. Does The EMAC Group work nationally?

A. Yes. The EMAC Group has placed executives with clients located around the country. Most of our searches involve national candidate generation as well.

Q. What is the difference between Retained Searches and Contingency Searches?

A. Retained Searches are agreements in which the client pays a small portion of the fee up-front in return for a discounted total fee. The up-front fee is credited back to the client upon the hiring of the candidate and only the remaining balance is due. It also allows the client to have continued discounted fees for a defined period of time and the savings sometimes can be substantial.

Exclusive from discounted fees, there are other advantages of a retained search. Retained searches communicate to potential employees as well as the industry that you are committed to corporate growth and are working with professionals to achieve that growth. Smart candidates will often validate opportunities by asking if the recruiting firm has been retained by the given organization; not only do they want to know the company is committed to filling that position but that the recruiting firm has the best understanding of that position and can place them directly with a decision maker.

Contingency Searches typically have a higher fee than a Retained Search but with no up-front payment and the total amount due is usually paid to the recruiting firm in one lump sum. Mainstay Recruiting is committed to provide the fee option and terms that best fits our client’s needs.

Q. Does The EMAC Group ever accept assignments on a contingency basis?

A. Yes. We prefer to work with clients on a Retained Basis. Our approach to executive search requires the investment of considerable time in the following activities:

  • Developing an in-depth knowledge of our client’s business, industry and culture and the key priorities of the position at hand.
  • Identifying potential prospects for the position or referral sources through exhaustive new research and database mining.
  • Professionally marketing the opportunity to individuals who typically are currently employed.
  • Evaluating potential candidates through lengthy phone interviews and in-person interviews.
  • Presenting regular search progress reports and formal project reviews to clients.
  • Preparing resumes and evaluative comments on candidates.
  • Handling all interview scheduling and travel logistics.
  • Interviewing candidate references and conducting credential checks.
  • Acting as intermediary in structuring and successfully negotiating offers.

Contingency search cannot devote the same level of time and effort to the search process. As a result, clients are often sent resumes from an existing database in an effort to make a placement before a candidate is identified through other sources.

Q. Does The EMAC Group limit its searches to a specific industry or type of position?

A. No. The EMAC Group has broad search capability, and is, by design, a generalist executive search firm. Our team has successfully conducted senior level assignments, from Presidents and General Managers to Executive Vice Presidents and Directors of staff functions. Over the years, we have worked effectively across a wide variety of industries, proving time and again that we can gain access to all appropriate search targets and represent our clients credibly.

Q. What kind of services do you offer?

A. We provide consulting services, training, and tools to hiring teams at companies of all sizes. Typical projects range from helping companies setup and structure their recruiting organization and processes, to building targeted sourcing strategies for hard to find positions, to selecting and implementing the right Applicant Tracking System, to writing custom employer branding/recruitment messaging content that speaks to your target candidates. We also build and deliver custom tools and training for recruiters, recruiting managers, hiring managers, and interviewers to help you source, screen, interview, select, sell, and on-board top talent.

Q. What kind of companies hire you?

A. We’re typically hired by C-level executives, Directors/VPs at medium and larger sized companies. We’ve worked with diverse clients across geographies, from giant national lending companies to regional mortgage bankers. Our clients typically share one thing in common: they want to improve their recruitment capabilities, and seek a partner to help them tackle key recruitment initiatives and/or train their recruiting or hiring managers on real-world best practices.

Q. How much do your services cost?

A. Our project fees typically range from $2,500-$60,000. We mostly work on a project basis and deliver a fixed-fee proposal that outlines the specific deliverables, methodology, and costs associated with the work required to meet your goals. Our clients tell us we’re priced competitively, they also tell us they get a lot of value from what we deliver. As professional recruiters, we know how to zero in on the work that will actually get our clients the results they need. That’s part of the reason why – despite the tough economic climate – the majority of our projects in the last 3 years have led to client-requested follow up work.

Q. What if we find the successful candidate ourselves?

A. It is not uncommon for our clients to identify internal and/or external candidates during a search engagement. The EMAC Group will gladly include those candidates in the search process. In this situation, clients benefit from our rigorous screening and assessment processes and have the added advantage of comparing them to a slate of candidates. As such, there is no change to our contractual arrangements.

Q. Will my search assignments be kept confidential?

A. Absolutely! The names of our candidates, as well as the names of our client employers, are kept in the strictest confidence, and certainly not disclosed to anyone, until such time as both of you agree to the interview. At that time, and only at that time, will your name be disclosed to our client employer and, the company’s name disclosed to you.

At The EMAC Group, all Executive Recruiters are trained and expected to adhere to the strictest ethical code with respect to your confidentiality. Special consideration is always taken for those candidate’s that are currently employed, however, it always a good practice to stress the confidential nature of your job search to your Recruiter.

Q. Does The EMAC Group provide a guarantee?

A. Yes. Our long-standing client relationships are the lifeblood of our practice and are testament to our ability to deliver superior client service. If for some reason a candidate does not work out during a specified period of time, we will partner with our client to find a satisfactory solution.

Q. How do you find Candidates?

A. Certainly there are many ways to find candidates and many companies may post opportunities on their websites or third party job boards;  we believe the best candidates come from networking within our clients industry and many times the best talent comes directly from the competition.  Our goal is to obtain the best talent directly vs. the “post, wait, and see” approach.

Q. Do you have any FREE information to help me recruit?

A. You can check out our Blog papers and articles downloads page for free, best practice, how-to information to help you and your hiring managers recruit top talent, including information on sourcing, screening, and selling top candidates.

Q. Who should I contact for more answers?

A. You can contact Jim McGrath, our Managing Partner, or anyone from our team at 888.801.3622, or you can email us. We can then setup a call between you and one of our consultants to learn more about your project, your recruiting goals and priorities, and your budget and timeline.

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