How would it feel to have greater clarity, a vision for you and your business, and a recruiting plan to get you there?

In this 4-hour coaching session, we'll explore your recruiting goals, the vision you have for your business, and what steps it takes to get you there. Having the insight from an experienced coach and advisor in partnership with you can be the catalyst you need to begin your business transformation and growth or bring your business back on track. 

These four (4) one-hour private one-on-one coaching sessions with a veteran headhunter Jim McGrath are designed for professionals to excel in: candidate generation and relationship development, interview innovation, and problem-solving when it is time to close on the offer. 

The FAST-TRACK Coaching Sessions include:

    1. One (1) hour Recruiting Assessment | What you are currently doing and where you want to go  
    2. Three (3) hours of one-on-one private sessions | To fine-tune your recruiting activities 
    3. 30 Day Evaluation  | One (1) Hour Accountability session the first month of your recruiting activities
    4. Target areas of immediate concern | Sourcing, making the initial contact call, courting, and closing on the offer
    5. Self-Improvement Assignments  |  A checklist to make the changes in your current approach
    6. Prospect Pipeline Generation  | Develop a pipeline of quality prospects that fit your culture
    7. Sessions Evaluation Email | Outlining the assessment results from each session

FREE Bonus Tools:

    1. Mortgage Recruiting Coach | Complimentary Monthly Recruiting Lesson Library 
    2. The PlayBook Continued Education | 120 step-by-step recruiting strategies, tactics and techniques ($495 value)
    3. Tracking and accountability Workbooks| One-Year Planners with a scorecard that breaks down recruiting activity
    4. The YOU-Factor Workbook | Identify all the unique intangibles YOU bring to the table ($59 value)

The private sessions teach the all-encompassing core skill sets of a successful recruiter, proven techniques, and strategies used by professional Headhunters. We email you a questionnaire prior to the session, to set up a game plan. Each session provides a comprehensive teaching style of recruiting skills and techniques Sales Managers can start utilizing immediately. All sessions are recorded to review your private coaching and we also provide you with a written accountability worksheet, to start implementing your training immediately.

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Why our FAST-TRACK? Our one-on-one, private sessions helps you establish a candidate-centric recruiting process and create a plan of recruiting activities that are required to help you meet your NET Hiring Goals.  The FAST-TRACK program helps you better make use of:

  • Develop a true candidate relationship
  • How to get prospects interested in your opportunity
  • Name generation strategies to find the best-fit loan officers
  • An innovative interview process that keeps candidates fully engaged
  • Problem-solving at the negotiation and offer stage
  • Onboarding techniques to get new hires fast track to meet their guarantees

Our coaching sessions are geared toward helping you stay committed to the task and ensure real progress.