Handling Recruiting Call Objections

How to defuse the “Initial Call” objections!

Everyone in sales, regardless of the company or industry, has dealt with the hurdles of handling objections from a prospect. In recruiting there will always going be objections. So, whether you have been recruiting for a week or for years, you know that whenever you make recruiting calls, there are a series of objections that come up every time. The key is to look at this positive … a prospect’s objections are really your unique chance to sell your opportunity.

Objections give you a chance to isolates the major issues that concern a prospect and turn them to your total advantage in order to make the appointment and ultimately secure a new hire.

What is an objection? This is a thought process that every prospect has programmed into the brain that pushes anyone away that want to get to know more. As humans, we love to buy something we really need or want, and we don’t like to be sold on something we don’t think we really need.

Recruiting objections must be treated as hurdles that you have to get over to get to the finish line. You must know how to intelligently turn around each objection you face into an opportunity to get face-to-face to discuss how your business opportunity can benefit the prospect.

In the majority of our recruitment training sessions, we have encountered several common and recurring objections (the usual suspects!) that come up again and again. Look closely at these (below) and at the ways you can cleanly and effectively jump each of these hurdles.

  1. First Step – Understanding the different groups of objections, generally there are 3 main groups of objections that you will come across. They are –
  2. Valid Objections When a product or service do not meet the prospect’s needs or expectations.
  3. Misunderstandings This is when the prospect has been provided either not enough or just plainly misleading information.
  4. Misinterpretations When the prospect has not quite understood the opportunity or you have not articulated it clearly in prior discussions.

Oftentimes the most difficult part of a Sales Manager’s job is overcoming a prospect’s objections, and offering effective rebuttals … that come across as valid and sincere. The last thing you want to do is argue with or about a prospect’s concerns. Part of building a successful rapport includes asking probing questions to find out a little about their personality, style, day-to-day activities, and expectations … then using that information to evaluate and validate their objections and offer solutions that fit their lifestyle.

Object One: Too busy to meet

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name), I am in this market through (specific date) and will only take less than 20 minutes of your time. As you have developed relationships with a realtor, you know that it usually starts with just a few minutes of discussion. I promise you, it won’t be a waste of your time.
  • Option B Rebuttal: Wow (candidate name), I understand you’re busy but if you can’t even step away long enough for a cup of coffee then I’d seriously recommend you upgrade to a company with a better support staff. (Pause to see if candidate back-paddles)Well I really don’t want to be a disruption (candidate name) so here’s what I’ll do, you tell me what time you’re heading to the office on (day) and what coffee places are on the way and I’ll meet you there.

Object Two: I’m happy where I’m at

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name) I want to talk to people that are happy in this business; and who knows, maybe put them in a place to really excel with our new (tools, products, marketing, etc…) that we are offering to OUR top performers. Give me a few minutes to show you, I promise this will not be a waste of time.
  • Option B Rebuttal: I’m not asking you to leave (current company) (candidate name), I’m just asking you to explore your options. We both know things change constantly in this business and it never hurts for you to have options. All I’m asking for is 20 minutes of your time, if I can offer you a substantially better opportunity then it will be one of the best 20 minute investments of your career and if not we’ll part as friends you’ll sleep better knowing you have another option available if something changes unexpectedly. Either way you win. (If they hesitate) Come on (candidate name), you’re working in an unstable industry and I’m offering you career insurance for the cost of a cup of coffee, what have you got to lose?

Objection Three: First, tell me about the job – Why should we meet?

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name) We have (exact number) of people at (company name) that have increase their business by ___% through our (tools, products, marketing, etc…). I am looking for the relationship driven professional that knows how to deliver this to the market. Give me a few minutes to show you, I promise this will not be a waste of time.
  • Option B Rebuttal: (candidate name), the bottom line is we’re a (volume or brag item) company who employs more than (number) of top performing mortgage professionals and I’m interested enough in you that I’m willing to take time out of my schedule to meet with you personally. If you honestly believe that (current company) is the single best lender in the market, and that they’re maximizing your career …  and that neither of those facts will ever change; then let’s meet for coffee and discuss how I can join you. I’m certainly not afraid of building my career and considering that 50% of the companies in our industry have closed in the last 5 years I’m sure I’ll sleep better knowing I have options. Of course if there’s a chance I can offer you a better opportunity than I’d like to discuss that as well, worst case scenario maybe you’ll sleep better too.

Objection Four: Tell me about your pricing/comp plan

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name) We have a strong pricing engine and based on how you market yourself, I would be glad to share that, along with several other unique (product, price, marketing, etc…) with you when we meet. Let’s meet (Tuesday) at (10am) at (Starbucks) in (Location), fair enough?
  • Option B Rebuttal: I’m glad you asked (candidate name) because that’s one of the things I really wanted to discuss with you. But we both know a lot of companies will mislead you when it comes to (pricing/comp) so I was really hoping to show you in writing. Why don’t we meet (date, time, place), I’ll show you the (comp plan/pricing engine) and we’ll discuss it in detail so there’s no confusion.

Objection Five: I have a huge pipeline and need to work through that (indicating that it is largely a refi pipeline)

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name) Most of the mortgage professionals I am currently speaking with are working through their pipeline and have started to really focus on their PURCHASE business. I am helping them with a seamless transition and would love to show you how it will be done for you. Let’s meet (Tuesday) at (10am) at (Starbucks) in (Location), fair enough?
  • Option B Rebuttal: I understand (candidate name) and if you’ll just let me know when you expect your pipeline to be empty I’ll be happy to suggest that when we meet for coffee and talk about how we can avoid ever reaching that point. (pause for that to sink in) But really (candidate name), I know you’re doing a lot of business and that’s one of the reasons I want to meet with you. Let’s meet (date & time) to discuss it and If we decide to move forward from there we’ll coordinate everything to minimize the disruption to your pipeline.

Objection Six: I just made a job change … I need to stick it out for a while

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name) It sounds like I just missed the opportunity with you, how was the transition? What attracted you to this company? And are you getting the level of service you expected? If you have a few minute (Tuesday) at (10am) at (Starbucks) in (Location), I’d like to at least meet with you, in the event something changes there, fair enough?
  • Option B Rebuttal: Wow, I wish I’d had a chance to speak with you before you made that move but let me ask you a question, how confident are you that this is the last position you’ll ever accept? (The answer doesn’t matter) Well then let’s meet for coffee anyway, worst case scenario you’ll know you have options if things don’t work out at (existing company) and I’ll know that I’m early instead of late when you do decide to make another move.

Objection Seven: I get my business from the bank and don’t have many external sources

  • Option A Rebuttal: (candidate name) I would like to show you how you could develop more referral partnership and not be strapped to a desk, fielding customer calls. Give me a few minutes to show you, I promise this will not be a waste of time.
  • Option B Rebuttal – qualification statement: I’m happy to hear that (current company) has been able to supply you enough business to make a living (candidate name) but let’s be honest, things change in this business all the time and it sounds like you’re just one unexpected change away from having to start over. So let me ask you a serious question, if I could help you build a book of business that would increase your income and make sure you never have to start over again would you be interested in discussing it further? If YES- Great, let’s have coffee. If NO (you probably don’t want this candidate) Let me send you my information and when you’re ready to take your career to the next level give me a call.

Objection Eight: I wouldn’t make a lateral move

  • Option 1 Rebuttal: (candidate name) That is great to hear, I am the District manager and I am looking for the up and comers, to help build out their teams. If you have a few minutes I can show you, let’s meet (Tuesday) at (10am) at (Starbucks) in (Location), fair enough? I promise this will not be a waste of time.
  • Option B Rebuttal: Let’s take a step back! (candidate name), I’m just talking about meeting for coffee and you’re talking career change. I’m pretty confident I can offer you a better opportunity, but there’s no way either of us can know for sure, unless we get to know each other a little better. So I suggest we start with a cup of coffee and then you can make an educated decision for yourself where we go from there. Fair enough?

Join the 80% and become an expert at objection handling!

If you are serious about being successful in business, mastering objection handling means that you will have to invest in yourself. After all, people buy from people they like and trust.

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