Are you faced with recruiting better talent, tired of managing lower production levels or underperformers?

spiralbinderclosed_550x681-3-242x300 Loan Officer Recruiting One Year Planner

Recruiting talent may not be the first thing you think about when times are tight, but it should be!

How you plan your recruiting strategy is important to ensure you find the right-fit talent. A long-term recruiting plan should be based on your business objectives, goals, and activities.  For example, are you planning to expand your business into new markets?  What recruiting activities are required to accomplish this objective?

From there, you should establish specific recruitment goals, one goal is attracting the best cultural fit Loan Officers work in your business.

The Loan Officer Recruitment One Year Planner acts as your guide to recruiting and hiring your ideal team. This plan is a step-by-step outline of the essential activities that need to be focused on during the recruitment, hiring and on-boarding process.

The best cultural fit people can make a huge difference to the bottom line and help to raise the organization’s service and quality level. But, hiring people that are less than dedicated to your business can compromise customer experiences and your reputations.


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