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The EMAC Group provides cost effective recruiting options, from list of qualified candidates to the full spectrum of sourcing solutions that enables clients access to our database of top industry talent.


Are you a Manager tasked with hiring more experienced Loan Officers?

Let us help lighten your recruiting workload, so that you can focus what you know best, moving your company forward. We can assist you by providing better-recruiting support. When you outsource your mortgage recruiting responsibilities to EMAC, we will present your organization’s brand to our network of over 250,000 mortgage professionals. Our Talent Agents are dedicated to representing your value proposition and promote all it has to offer.

  • A service built around your needs – With more than 20+ years in the mortgage recruiting industry, we understand that one size never fits all. Finding great employees requires an evolving approach. We believe it is possible to change lives by connecting the right talent with the right companies.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Take full advantage of our industry knowledge and proven recruiting strategies by outsourcing your entire recruiting process. Our knowledgeable recruiters become your corporate recruiting department’s trusted advisers while you maintain full control over hiring decisions.
  • Direct Hire Placement – Whether you need to hire your next key employee or hire a team of hundreds, we can identify, interview, screen and present the best candidates for your consideration.
  • Candidate Sourcing Services – We access our extensive professional network to find the best talent while you control the rest of the recruiting and hiring process.

We develop a custom program that will fit into our client specific requirements, and that impacts their overall recruiting and staffing needs. Discover how to create and implement a focused, winning strategy to achieve the meaningful, long lasting results you want quickly and efficiently; while eliminating the STRESS, overwhelming struggles and high cost learning curve associated with recruiting Loan Officers.

You will quickly discover how to develop and manage your recruiting campaign for optimum success and aligns your objectives with professional and personal goals. For more information


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Our Talent Agents have unparalleled experience and understanding of the elements of recruiting and successfully hiring top talent in the mortgage industry. EMAC have evolved and enhanced upon traditional search practice by merging direct recruiting strategies and candidate generation services. Our methodology utilizes both a “push” and a “pull” model. When jobs are posted (post and pray) to a traditional job board, employers are only reaching job seekers who go to the site and search for those types of jobs at that particular time of the posting.

Whether our clients need to grow their team or hire a Top Producer, we design a solution that aligns with the client’s overall objective to deliver results. By continuously searching for process efficiencies, we’re able to find better candidates faster, so customers can be more productive, increase their revenues and capture market share.

By engaging with EMAC, we proactively put our client’s opportunity in front of the candidates via “Ideal Job Alerts” or direct recruiting methodology. It is our competitive intelligence and information gathering capabilities; combined with executive search values and our network of qualified candidates, consultative techniques, and follow-through that clearly differentiates us from our competition.

The result is the creation of a new baseline in “Ideal Candidate Generation”.


We develop targeted talent acquisition solutions, including end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing; Virtual Recruiting AgentRetained Search Team and Recruitment Training Academy that focuses our expertise in finding great talent with our proven process management methods.

The result is the achievement of exceeding your recruiting goals. By using EMAC recruiting solutions; you will realize the following benefits:

  • Reduction in overall hiring costs
  • Proven methodologies that yield above average response
  • Experienced recruiting personnel with years of industry knowledge
  • Enhanced interview activity levels
  • Improving industry visibility
  • Qualified prospect leads
  • Highly successful and skilled Search Specialist
  • Proven sourcing and recruiting techniques
  • Increased market share and profitability

Benchmarks are established, and processes are defined, measured and repeated to ensure consistency. Several disciplines, including scripting, prospect list building, and database management. Residual training, quality control, and reporting are variables that will make an impact on the success of every recruiting campaign.

If you are looking to fill a top-level, mission-critical position, you will soon appreciate and understand the EMAC difference, especially if you need to fill critical positions quickly or a confidential replacement search.

We have proudly launched; a revolutionary mortgage industry employment site. The site was developed to increase the visibility for employers and job seekers (passive and active) searching for their Ideal Match.


The EMAC Group is dedicated to developing our unique business model in areas of the “Talent Acquisition” to the mortgage industry. Our Engagement options are for high-priority or on-going positions, typically for Loan Officer, Branch Managers, fulfillment and middle-management staffing needs of the organization.

Matching the right-fit candidate to the right company is what we do best! Whether it’s searching for the next CEO of a Fortune 500 company, staffing the loan origination sales force for a growth oriented mortgage banker or recruiting a highly specialized executive for a start-up. Each placement is a continuation of that integral relationship – our team, helping to grow your team.

After all, the executives we place today are our clients of tomorrow. Here are just some of the benefits we bring to your recruitment process. We will commit to an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews, to ensure a successful placement, and provide an extended hiring guarantee. An engagement fee is required to begin the search, with the final payment due on the candidate’s start date. We believe this to be the future of recruiting because companies receive considerably more specialized recruitment training for their Hiring Managers.

Our objective is to serve as a cost-efficient, value for your money human resource alternative, meeting the high demand for top performers in this competitive job market.


As Executive Recruiters, we are regularly asked the question: why should we engage EMAC exclusively for this assignment? There are some key reasons why an exclusive arrangement is a more effective way of recruiting and hiring the ideal candidates.

Here are just a few of those reasons:

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkMarket Intelligence – The #1 reason is that EMAC focuses exclusively on mortgage lending and has developed an in-depth knowledge of what motivates industry professionals to consider a career move, this gives us HUGE advantages, as we start your recruiting campaign.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkUnderstanding the requirements – Under our exclusive search approach, we take a more in-depth assessment of your recruitment needs, and an enduring recruitment partnership is established. The recruitment process is a deep-dive and more comprehensive than a standard contingency search process.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkAssigned Search – The assignment ‘projected plan’ and an agreed recruitment timeline are accepted between our Talent Agents and Hiring Manager, before starting the search.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkControlled Efforts – It is best to have a single firm working at 100% capacity on your search than multiple agencies working at only 20% capacity competing for candidates.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkBest resources – EMAC assigns and trains a team dedicated personnel to all retained assignments. Having exclusively, we act as an advocate for your brand, an extension of your team, ensuring that the messages about your organization, delivering positive and consistently in the marketplace.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkFocus on quality – Exclusive assignments focuses on the quality of the candidate and the quality of the process; rather than the number of unqualified candidates and the speed of the process. The time spent interviewing the wrong individuals in a search could be a waste of valuable time.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkProven results – A greater percentage of roles are filled in less time using our direct recruiting methodologies. The likelihood of finding the perfect candidate is greatly enhanced using this method.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkShared Risk – We are accountable to you when we are exclusively engaged in a search. If we fail to identify the candidate, then we can be held to account. To minimize the risk, The EMAC team requires an exclusivity period, before releasing the search to other agencies.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkCandidate Buy-In – Candidates respond more positively to an opportunity if one agency is working on an assignment. They will be more engaged with the recruitment process if it is being worked exclusively on a retained basis. Consistency … Under exclusive conditions, there is a consistent approach to the market, because all candidates are funneled through exactly the same process. You are more likely to receive a quality shortlist of candidates who have been assessed against the same criteria under these conditions.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkMarket Research – Under our exclusive arrangement, there is more in-depth research of the market, to source the best talent. Our research team seeks to uncover passive candidates who are not actively looking, but open to learn more, these are usually the best candidates.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkContingency Search – Contingent assignments often time only attract those who are looking for work on job boards and tend to be another companies under-performers. Contingent engagement results in superficial efforts to find the “low hanging fruit” candidates via advertising only or an out-dated database.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkConfidentiality – The element of confidentiality, with only one firm is retained in the search, rather than many unqualified search consultants, only the market’s qualified candidate will learn about the opportunity.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkTime-Management – Our exclusive arrangement save you time to focus on your business and less the search. Interviewing vetted candidates that match your candidate criteria exactly.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkInterview Activity – This is the key to doubling your effectiveness of the recruiting campaign. Success is based on increasing the conversion rate of; prospects-to-interview, interview-to-offer and offers-to-successful hire.

green-check-small Tap Into Our NetworkMore prospects at the offer stage = more successful hires! EMAC is known by our clients as there recruitment partner, delivering the most qualified and difficult to find candidates. Our mission is to be fully committed to clients at all times by providing the most optimal results possible.

In today’s competitive talent environment, leaders are searching for solutions that ensure they stay ahead of their competitors. In order to reach their goals, companies must manage the people, teams, and processes that drive their organization in the most efficient manner.

Learn more about our solutions:

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