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I welcome to register for our FREE Mortgage Recruiting Coach Membership. Our Members receive recruitment training, coaching, certificate programs, and ala carte options to assist and support every hiring sales manager in the mortgage industry.

The Mortgage Recruiting Certificate program features "The playBook" mortgage recruiting eLearning, an online, self-paced training. You’ll learn proven headhunter secrets along with key strategies and techniques to plan for, acquire, and hire quality talent for your team and organization.  

Learn how to adapt to evolving market conditions to recruit and retain employees with the necessary skills to achieve and exceed corporate and Loan Officer goals. By focusing on the why and how of recruiting, you’ll enhance your approach to positioning YOU as the sales leader of choice, create a powerful employer brand in the market, provide a candidate-centric experience for effective talent acquisition.

The lessons also explore a personalized plan for aligning your role as a hiring sales manager, to a higher performance level, while offering interactive lesson actions to customize a recruiting plan that fits your style and goals.

Ultimately, you’ll graduate with a flexible approach for attracting, engaging, closing, hiring, and onboarding passive revenue-generating top talent, so you can meet your recruiting goals and the demands of the changing market.

The difference YOU make in your business and in someone’s career is how you play the game.  If you want to enhance your career, make an impact with your team, and contribute more to the candidate experience, earn a certification of recruiting from Mortgage Recruiting Coach.  We are here to provide the best recruiting training program to take your career to the next level.  

Recruiting is a people business and learning how to have a relationship with a candidate is the most important thing a hiring manager can do to grow their business.”

Jim McGrath  



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