"The timeline is designed with you in mind.  Jim McGrath creates your custom game plan and personally walks you through each step in the One-On-One Coaching Session. 

This personalized coaching and mentor process helps you stay committed to recruiting tasks to ensure real progress." 

Does Your Opportunity Stand Out From The Competition?

Sales Managers need a Talent Strategy to win the game.

Most sales managers need a coach assisting them in the recruiting department.  Why?  Because they are sales experts and were not trained to be a professional recruiter. It takes years of education to become a successful sales leader or professional recruiter. 

The tailored coaching program that helps you:

    • Identifying the best resources to find the qualified loan officers

    • New name generation strategies to find & attract the best-fit candidates

    • Customized scripts that encourage candidates to learn about your opportunity

    • Handling objections & smoke screens with professional rebuttals

    • How to develop quality candidate relationships prior to the first call

    • Initial interview presentations to get prospects interested and stay engaged

    • An innovative courtship process that gets candidates to want to join your team

    • Proven tactics and problem-solving at the offer and closing stage

    • Onboarding system to get new hires Ramped-Up in their first 30 days

    • Professional development strategies that retain the best talent

Start implementing our proven strategies to attract and win talent. How would it feel to have greater clarity, a vision for you and your business, and a plan to get you on track?


In our One-On-One Coaching, we explore your hiring goals, what vision you have for your business, and the next steps to take. Having the insight from an experienced coach and advisor in partnership with you can be the catalyst you need to begin your business transformation and growth or bring your business back on track.
We customize the Play-By-Play Coaching Sessions during a one-on-one conference call, designed for professionals to excel in: finding the best talent, employer branding, candidate generation, candidate development, scripting a presentation to attract talent, and closing communication. 
Recruitment Questionnaire - Current recruiting status, needs, and goals
60-minute Headhunter Questionnaire Analysis and Assessment
One hour weekly one-on-one private sessions with veteran headhunter based on your custom package - To fine-tune your recruiting activities (quote based on the number of Play-By-Play Package hours)
Sixty (60) minute one-on-one private coaching session based on questionnaire results
30-Day Monthly Evaluation – One (1) Hour Accountability session the first month of your recruiting activities
60-Day Monthly Training + Evaluation – One (1) Hour monthly calls to overcome any issues with candidates in your pipeline
Areas of Immediate Concern – Sourcing, making the initial contact call, courting, closing of the offer, objections/rebuttals, on-boarding, etc.…
Self-Improvement Assignments – A checklist to make the changes in your current approach
Prospect Pipeline Generation – Develop a pipeline of quality prospects that fit your culture
Sessions Evaluation Email – Outlining the assessment results from each session
Mortgage Recruiting Coach – Complimentary Monthly Recruitment Lesson