Sure, every sales manager in the mortgage industry struggles with recruiting and all want to reach the “next level” in their business. But no one has ever defined what that means – or how to get there.   

Hey, it's Jim McGrath. I think it's time to adapt to these evolving market conditions, learn a new approach to recruiting Loan Officers, and help you exceed your hiring goals.
You know Loan Officers and their habits, but do you know the whole story? What are they searching for, what competitors are they interviewing with, or are they loyal? What about finding more qualified Loan Officer candidates? 
By focusing on the why and how of recruiting, you’ll enhance the approach that positions YOU as the sales leader of choice, create a powerful leadership brand in the market, and provide a candidate-centric experience to get more Loan Officers who want to join YOU.
The Loan Officer Recruiting PlayBook - mortgage recruiting eLearning, a 100% online, self-paced recruiting resource. Through this series of lessons, you’ll learn proven headhunter secrets and critical strategies and techniques to plan for, acquire, and hire quality talent for your team and organization.  
It’s easy... it’s designed specifically for Sales Managers to make immediate recruiting progress. Members walk away from each session with actionable next steps directly transferable to their day-to-day work.

Competition Intelligence: We analyze your competitors to better understand how you compare to the rest of the market and where to optimize your recruiting efforts.

Recruiting is a PEOPLE business, and learning how to have a relationship with a candidate is the most important thing a hiring manager can do to grow their business.” 

Jim aimed to provide mortgage sales managers with industry-leading recruiting solutions and recruitment coaching tools. He has decades of experience recruiting top mortgage talent and has become one of the most influential Headhunters in the industry. Our experienced team of recruiters has placed thousands of mortgage loan officers by utilizing cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies while keeping up with the ever-changing mortgage industry. 

Our mission is to encourage, equip, and empower you to create a Recruiting Campaign so that you can attract more talented Loan Officers to want to join YOU. Whether you're a seasoned sales manager, new to sales, or a business owner, learning the art of recruiting talent is much more than what meets the eye. Recruiting fundamentals, techniques, and tactics change daily, and there are new ways to impact your approach to attracting, courting, and onboarding new talent. Participating in relevant, practical continuing education programs can help you stay knowledgeable on the latest recruiting techniques, which can make the difference between success and failure in this highly demanding role.