Advanced Talent Management Workshop

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Today’s most successful hiring managers are diligent in developing talent pools and pipelines of qualified candidates, by employing both offensive and defensive recruitment strategies. Learn how to develop a talent mining system to grow your sales team and retention strategies that get more from you existing team members.

(prerecorded – 90 minutes)

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This lesson endows you with a realistic philosophy and an initial solid understanding of recruiting the talent you will need to build the best sales team — faster and for less money. It starts with the provision of the baseline understanding of what recruiting is all about … an on-going process designed to develop a talent pool of qualified candidates. This Lesson prepares you to assess your current process, and then learn the basics and best practices to recruit, attract and successfully hire the top talent. – See more at:

Identifying talented people for your organization is a daunting task. It becomes even more challenging without the ability to aggregate critical candidate information. A talent management system can cultivate a pool of prospects and nurture relationships with a database of qualified candidates.

Put your search and follow up on “Auto-Pilot”, in this workshop you learn how to gather the information of talent in your market and promote your messaging in an easy to use system.

green-check-small Advanced Talent Management WorkshopTalent mining:  Implement a powerful talent mining tool into your recruiting campaign that provides you unparalleled visibility into your talent pool. With the right system at your fingertips, you will change the way you find, engage and connect with talent.

green-check-small Advanced Talent Management Workshop

Employee retention: Training and professional development are the key essentials to retaining talent and a vital resource to attract talent. Leaders need to ensure their most valuable assets, their employees are engaged and satisfied; with work/life balance, compensation, strategic direction of the organization.

green-check-small Advanced Talent Management WorkshopCareer-development: As talent matures with the organization, they seek the opportunity for growth potential. Providing each of your most valuable employees – with a clearly define role, and performance metrics and a viable career path, ensures that you will attract and retain top performers.

Leaders should ensure that they have a talent management program in place across the entire employee life-cycle, by consolidating technology to help integrate the hiring and on-boarding processes.  Engaging with each employee to gives a sense of personal abilities, aspirations and needs to develop a growth and development plan within the organization.



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