Headhunter Search Methodologies Workshop

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Sourcing qualified prospects, learn how professional headhunter source and identifying prospects that best fit the culture of the organization. Utilize web scraping tools that will generate list of names and contact information in minutes.

(prerecorded – 90 minutes)

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This lesson endows you with a realistic philosophy and an initial solid understanding of recruiting the talent you will need to build the best sales team — faster and for less money. It starts with the provision of the baseline understanding of what recruiting is all about … an on-going process designed to develop a talent pool of qualified candidates. This Lesson prepares you to assess your current process, and then learn the basics and best practices to recruit, attract and successfully hire the top talent. – See more at:

The sourcing strategies is a proactive recruiting methodology that targets prospects from both active and passive talent pools. This is referred to as the Research Phase… the identification of prospects through proactive recruiting methodologies.

green-check-small Headhunter Search Methodologies WorkshopMarket-Intelligence: Learn sourcing strategies that target the ideal candidate profile that best fit your company culture and techniques that will greatly improve the quality of candidates in your talent pool.

green-check-small Headhunter Search Methodologies WorkshopProgressive Candidate Sourcing: Utilize Headhunter trade secrets to identify the qualified prospect and gain access to their direct contact information. Network with industry spheres of influence and unlock the an endless source of qualified candidates.

green-check-small Headhunter Search Methodologies Workshope-Recruiting Techniques: The Web has an endless supply of free resources that can help you find people online. Learn boolean search techniques that get you to the best talent in the market.

The sourcing strategies targets the ideal candidate profile so that the best fit candidates from both active and passive talent pools will be found every time. Learn how to use the internet and what search tools that helps you find candidates, uncover those bits of information about a prospect. Using the appropriate strategies will greatly improve the quality of your talent pool and your relationship with a candidate.



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