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Challenged with attract and hiring experienced Loan Officers? What if your next new hire was just a phone call away?

Restart Solutions is a contract recruiting solution that was developed to re-engage our client prospects, these are candidates that have already been identified by the Hiring Manager were we we assist with difficult to reach candidate and get them back into the courting process.


TALENT SHORTAGE In today’s increasingly competitive recruiting environment, demand for top talent exceeds supply. If you are a hiring manager and have had a series of interviews with the ideal candidate and would like the candidate to join your team, but you are unable to get them back to the table … We can help!

Hiring Managers occasionally require outside assistance with a candidate during the interview process, to keep the candidate interested in their opportunity and before the candidate cools off.  Or worse, they loose the prospect to another opportunity with a competitor and even worse yet, a counter-offer.

You are now faced with the reality that you have to start the entire tenuous process from the beginning (sourcing, screening, qualifying and interviewing an entire new group of potential candidates) until a successful hire is made.

In competitive times like these you have to stay one step ahead of the competition. It is not enough to just make a call to a prospect and wait for them to call back. You have to be smarter and agile than you’ve ever been before, or you risk missing the diminishing number of opportunities that still exist.


Re-Start Solution provides assistance to hiring managers with the intermediate segment of the interview process. You may have already; [a] qualified the prospect, [b] conducted a series of interviews and [c] in many cases be prepared to extend an offer, than candidate goes cold or stops returning calls. Communication from the candidate is critical to enable the hiring manager to isolate any issues or overcome any concerns.

This is the most crucial time for our Search Consultant to assist Hiring Managers in the search process. We contact the candidate on your behalf, utilizing our “blind” recruiting strategy to isolate their career aspiration and motivations.


If you have invested the time and engaged top industry performers,  but just cannot seem to get them back to the table, our team can give them the nudge they may need.

We realize top talent candidate are busy, they are managing a “book of business” and may not responding to your calls. It is not they are not interest, they are just busy.

Our Search Consultants interview you to determine; where each of their prospects are is in the interview process and isolate each candidate’s motivations for considering a career move to your organization.

Hiring Managers provides Search Consultants with their qualified candidates that been in the interview process within the past 180 days and meet position requirements … then we get started!

Candidate Profile to include:

  • Level of experience
  • Accomplishments
  • An outline of their production mix
  • Closing volume (year to date and the past 3-5 years)
  • Employment history
  • Current interview activity (Stage of the process)

When our Search Consultants contact candidates (on our client’s behalf), they have full knowledge of the candidates’ qualifications, employment history, notable accomplishments and the candidates perceived hot buttons that motivated them to consider the move in the first place.


The key to successfully re-engaging a candidate is a thorough understanding a candidate’s motivation, the client company’s culture and whether the candidate feels like a career move to your organization helps them get closer to their career aspirations.

Step 1: Identify Targeted Candidates

  • With the aid of the client, develop a targeted list of all potential qualified candidates
  • Attain a thorough understanding of each candidate’s qualifications, accomplishments, income parameters and work history
  • Identify their hot buttons and potential concerns
  • Isolate each candidate motivations for considering a career move

Step 2: Blind recruit the candidate

  • Locate and contact all candidates using direct sourcing methods
  • Pre-screen and evaluate candidates to confirm a match to the minimum criteria in the job specification
  • Present the opportunity and pique the interest of qualified candidates
  • Determine if qualified candidates are interested
  • Document a detailed profile of all qualified candidates to include: their overall qualifications, work history, education and income parameters
  • Isolate their interest and motivations to a career change
  • Determine what companies they would and would not consider and why

Step 3: Determine the candidates’ apprehensions

  • Isolate their concerns; to a career change or the clients’ specific opportunity
  • Understand the reason’s for the candidate’s reluctance

Step 4: Gain a commitment to re-evaluate the opportunity

  • Counsel the candidate to keep an open mind on the opportunity
  • Convince the candidate to proceed to the next level in the process
  • Schedule the next interview to meet with client

Step 5: Communicate with Client

  • Review each candidate’s qualifications with the client; and their interest level and motivations to a career change
  • Provide a detailed profile of each qualified candidate to the client

Step 6: Scheduling the Follow up Interview

  • Provide date and time of interview
  • Confirm with each qualified/interested candidate
  • Send a confirmation email with date, time and venue

Step 7: Review with all parties

  • Conduct an overview of the interview to the client; to include their interest level and any concerns
  • Determine the next steps in the process
  • Review with candidate their overview of the interview to include their interest level and any concerns
  • Provide client with the candidates debrief summary on any issues/concerns and feed back

The Re-Start Solution will assist you in bringing the prospects you have identified back into the interview process. Today’s mortgage employment market is strong for top producers, good candidates typically have more than one opportunity from which to choose.

When a candidate has a choice to decide between two companies, all else being equal, a candidate’s level of trust in a potential employer could be the deciding factor in their choice.

EMAC understands that the candidate’s concern at the later stages of the interview cycle is  the possibility of a counter-offer or a competitive offer from another company. The primary reasons highly-qualified candidates’ opt-out of the interview process is usually due to lack of the essential information to move forward.


We provide our clients with industry-leading resource to attracting passive candidates. We offer an array of recruiting services designed to increase the recruiting & staffing effectiveness. For more information on Restart Solution, please contact us to start your search today!

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