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There has been a paradigm shift in Employee Tenure, in the past decade we went from an employee staying with their company for an average of five years and more, today’s average of less than 18 months. Succession Planning and training up your team creates loyalty from your team and keeps the competition out.

The cost and risk of making a flawed hiring decision will result in a time and resource loss, and could also extend into financial loss implications that affects your organization’s image and reputation. Our training philosophy is simply “professional development and the most cost effective training”. We are committed to provide knowledge and skills enhancement that ensures you and your team hit the ground running … from the minute you leave the training session, webinar or seminar!

We specialize in working with organizations to focus on employee retention and reward strategies. This allows you to retain your team beyond the market average and enjoy the long-term benefits of a career-driven team. You’ll be amazed at the positive results gained from pro-active company loyalty strategies.

Not only will you increase your recruiting efficiencies, you achieve your organizational goals by retaining key employees who are dedicated to the organization’s culture and vision.

Avoid the challenges of filling a vacancy – retain your best people and watch your business grow!

EMAC Retention Training can help establish an organizational culture that is attractive to the top talent seeking career growth opportunities. We provide guidance, build recruiting skills and develops an organizational recruiting campaign.

We work with numerous companies that are focused on attracting and retaining talented people with Retention programs. Companies can become Employers of Choice – final career destinations instead of stepping stone job – and employees will gain valuable guidance, development and meaning in their careers.

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