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As recruiters and trainers, we always have our eye on recruiting trends and keep a pulse on what’s happening in the mortgage industry.  After collecting tons of recruiting and retention information from our clients, hiring managers, candidates, recruiters and trainers, we uncovered serious shifts in the market and patterns with purpose.

Our passion is to share WHAT’S TRENDING through information, education, perception for on-going recruiting transformation with you every month.  Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the world of mortgage.

Trending: Intuition vs Certainty AND Vetting vs Selling

The good news is the mortgage industry is buzzing!  Creating excitement and movement for homeowners and loan officers.  Here is a shift, home owners are breaking ground for new homes because of low inventory in some markets. We usually see a shake up with mortgage professionals during home owner movement. This shift is creating momentum in the recruiting arena.  The happy loan officer that was happy with his company is now open to new opportunities.  Managers and Leaders are adjusting recruitment AND retention plans.  With consumer demand up so is the need for high performing loan officers.  This movement has created 2 BIG trends.

Trend ONE: Intuition vs Certainty

Intuition vs. Certainty.

To better understand how this trend pertains to recruiting, let’s take off our rose colored glasses and dive in.  Your role as a manager and sales leader is a Balancing Act.

Walking the tightrope of motivating and empowering current team members while attracting and courting new potential loan officers.  Your existing team has a pattern of success that can be trusted and is the benchmark for the growth of the business.  Now, it’s time to find new loan officers that have a pattern of success, potential, tools and mindset that fits your team culture.

Time is critical to the hiring decisions.  Let’s take a 911 situation.  With the urgency of finding a replacement hire and lack of time, does intuition take over certainty?  In many cases, yes.

It’s time to take control of the hiring process, timeline and recruitment decisions by committing to 1 hour per day to recruiting activities. Focus on probing questions, due diligence and scoring will add a new level of certainty to your intuition.

Recruiter Nugget: Carve out 1 hour per day for strategic recruiting activities. You will build an active pipeline of prospects and candidates. You will have time to get to know your candidates, deliver on promises and commitments, demonstrate partnership while transforming rapport into trust.

Trend Two: Vetting vs Selling

Vetting vs Selling.  The art of the interview and science of due diligence. Communication, frequency of contact and the interview process are vital to building a relationship in courting phase of recruiting talent. Vetting (qualifying) each candidate helps you determine the success potential, characteristics, cultural fit and their desire to excel. Every conversation needs to be a two way street asking open-ended questions that pertain to the criteria of the job.  Find out if they have a winning mentality, how they think, act and operate outside their comfort zone.

A high performing loan officer is always happy to share their success history, high water mark, sweet spot and what drives them during a conversation vs traditional interview. You’ll get answers to your qualifying questions, understand the mindset and skill set of a candidate.

Based on a recent study, loan officers have a sales manager wish list. This makes your job much easier in the courting stage. Share with the candidate you interested in partnering with the candidate to help grow their business, career opportunities, business development and your team development vision.  This information bubbles to the top of mind when a candidate is in decision making mode. A candidate will be happy to share their success when the hiring manager asks the right open-ended questions during interviews.  To really get to know a loan officer, share don’t sell.

Recruiter Nugget: A hiring manager that packages and presents an employee-centric value proposition is a magnet for new talent and existing employees.  This is a story that will bring your brand to life.  It helps the candidate connect to your brand, get perked up about the benefits, relate to the rewards and envisions the work environment.

Vetting on Success

Unlock the candidate’s vault with open and honest conversations. Use real-world analogies and questions to identify style, personality, capabilities, drive, desire, thought process and energy.

Your corporate recruiting message, company story and your leadership vision will create an on-going communication and interest. Constant contact and consistent communication are vital in the courtship stage. And most importantly, trust is built while developing lasting relationships with candidates.

The Vetting Formula: Does the Candidate Measurement Up?

To ensure certainty in the interview process, use the Vetting Formula to help identify the characteristics, strength and future potential of the candidate. Understanding how a candidate ticks will help you decide if they are a fit. Keep a Vetting Scorecard for each candidate.

The VETTING Formula: Persuasiveness + Resiliency + Persistence + Capacity + Drive  + Mindset + Tools + Internal Energy + Pattern of Success = Cultural Fit and Retention

To help you to adapt to the vetting and certainty trends, you are welcome to register to The PlayBook Mortgage Recruiting, Self-paced eLearning, a step-by-step plan to attract high performing loan officers, connect and enhance your relationships and perfect your recruiting message during the courtship stage of recruiting for the best hire, ever!

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