Who is Jim McGrath and how can he help you?

  • Jim-McGrath1 Mortgage Recruitment TrainerTalent Acquisition Expert in Mortgage Lending
  • Founder of EMAC Recruiting Academy
  • Mortgage Industry recruiting since 1995
  • Author of the widely read Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-learning
  • Host of the Loan Officer Recruiting Network group on LinkedIn
  • Recruitment Best-Practice Trainer, Coach and Mentor
  • Recruited and placed over 2,000 mortgage professionals

Why consider hiring a Recruitment Coach

Busy executive hire Business Coaches to assist them in various areas of their business including staffing, corporate morale, relationship building, marketing and day-to-day business execution for years.

Jim is an executive coach who has helped clients align professional goals with personal values since 1995.  He guides CEOs, industry leaders, business owners and hiring managers from strategic vision to measurable action plans, and works with high-potential sales managers who want to optimize their recruiting effectiveness. By tapping into Jim’s recruiting knowledge, tools and skill set, his clients are able to blend team building with personal growth to reach higher productivity and deeper levels of job and personal satisfaction.

The main reason busy professionals hire a coach is not that they do not know how to run their business or they want someone to do the job for them. They are searching for a fresh perspective on ways to achieve their goals, a coach can be that impartial voice of reason and help you map out a plan and keep you on course.

In addition to providing clarity, a Recruitment Coach holds clients accountable and hold you accountable to a higher standard of growth and performance.

More about Jim

If we can help you change the way you think and approach recruiting talent, then we can change the results and outcome about building your team.

Jim adds something to his training programs not seen in most training events; that is an honest and logical assessment on how each participant can survive in the mortgage recruiting environment. This includes how to deal with sourcing candidates, candidate’s motivation and how hiring managers should manage their recruiting activities. This training alone will make you more productive and your recruiting efforts easier to manage.

How about recruiting techniques? Jim takes the time to evaluate your experience, company culture, and the opportunity; then comes up with the right way to approach, present and close your prospects with an easy to learn style. He is a professional headhunter and does not waste your time with untested theories. Jim uses the tried-and-tested old school 5 Pillars to the recruiting process and customizes a training program to fit your needs and budget.

Jim’s highly requested workshops deliver an energetic, straight-forward style of delivery that connects with audiences and leaves them excited about what they have learned.

He ranges across a wide variety of topics that cover [a] attracting the “Right” employee, [b] “Roll out the Red Carpet” [c] courting the talent, [d] digital recruitment tools and messaging [e] the impact of this new technology on the corporate culture and the growth of an organization. Part education, part implementation and a whole lot of fun!

Our training workshops are tailored to the audience. We introduce participants to new ways to approach their recruiting plan. We educate clients on what new behaviors are expected. Our Coaches uses role-playing to make sure clients understands how to apply what is needed based on their unique style. Our clients walk away not only with the understanding of what is needs to change, plus with what skills and tools that are needed to implement an immediate impact.

No two sessions are the same so we tailor the message to our client. Our intensive coaching programs are constantly demanded by clients and people looking for an immediate breakthrough and accelerated their recruiting results. Our team is continually conducting real-world research and then updating our programs to include the latest tried and tested developments, techniques and tools as we strive to provide clients with industry leading knowledge and the capability to keep ahead of their competition.



Is recruiting Loan Officers your #1 Challenge?

Today, more than ever, you have to be as good a recruiter, as you are a lender. If you are going to be successful in this competitive market, you must advance your recruiting skills to a whole new level.


Loan-Officer-Recruiting-e-Learning Mortgage Recruitment Trainer


Loan Officer Recruiting Blueprint e-Learning Platform, is a comprehensive curriculum that trains you on the essentials of developing an effective recruitment campaign, strategies to source talent, plus interview and closing techniques to build your team.

EMAC Recruiting Academy has been providing companies of all sizes, hiring managers and recruiting professionals with tools to raise their “Recruiting IQ”. These leading Skills Enhancement programs are available to hiring managers everywhere regardless of location or company size. EMAC Recruiting Academy makes recruitment online training easy, fast and affordable. Access our online recruitment training modules and immediately put the training to work at growing your business. This is the best time to invest in your future and start your self-paced training today!

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