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The EMAC Group has been providing Executive Search and Recruiting Solutions to the mortgage industry since 1995, delivering recruiting and training services to organizations of all sizes including the Fortune 500 companies.


Our clients are quickly realizing the advantages of outsourcing some of their recruitment process. At The EMAC Group, we are experts in recruiting mortgage professionals, we take charge of your entire recruitment process so you can focus on what you do best …  Mortgage Lending!

Our team of recruiting professionals present career opportunities to talent, one deal at a time and our client benefit from a collaborative recruitment partnership. We work closely with you to learn and understand your needs and company culture.

We can help you to develop or improve upon your existing recruiting processes and implement best practices that deliver long-term results.


The EMAC Group does not rely on job boards and database technology or complex software programs to match candidates with jobs. Instead, we use our recruiting team, with a direct and personal recruiting methodology.

We realize that the best candidates for your open positions are most likely solid contributors at another company. In many cases, they are not actively looking to consider a career move and are unaware of your excellent opportunities …  until we inform them!

We have earned an ever-growing reputation for providing the best candidates to fill open requisitions for our clients. Top industry performers in terms of previous results and experience, have proven to produce reliable results, quickly, and have a longer tenure with the company and maximize their potential of the role.


Our offerings evolved over the years to meet our clients’ growing need for efficient, high volume recruitment solutions, resulting in The EMAC Recruiting Group launch in 2004. Since then, we have placed thousands of candidates, and helped some of the country’s leading organizations to increase their revenues by adding experienced Loan Officers to their teams.

We pride ourselves on knowing the strengths of our candidates and we are acutely conscious of the difference between a candidate who is qualified for a job, to one who is just appropriate for the job. By the time we submit candidates, our search consultant have screened and qualified each candidate through an in-depth interview to accurately ascertain their strengths, weaknesses and aptitude for the job.

We offer a variety of customizable packages depending on your hiring needs and budget. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, our specialists will provide consultative solutions to expedite  the hiring process and get your business on track.


Our team assist Hiring Managers to identify most qualified talent that fits their culture, working in close partnership with Hiring Managers. These relationships help them to understand what both parties are looking for, which is the key to effective recruitment. The relationships they develop with candidates and clients alike are absolutely vital to their success and the success of our business.

EMAC leadership focuses on hiring individuals that are ambitious; hard-working and money motivated. Our atmosphere is dynamic and challenging. Our team is expected to source new candidates on a daily basis and continually recruit the best talent in today’s challenging marketplace.

With the benefit of our industry-leading training, our consultants use their expertise and market knowledge to help the candidates we speak with every day to find the right organization and culture that best fits their career aspirations.

The EMAC Group offers a proactive recruitment plan to track and monitor all recruiting activities and can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Learn more >>

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