Team Practice | Recruiting Real-World Situations + Solutions To Win Talent

When your company is growing fast, there's no spare time to hire the wrong candidate!  Sales Managers need to be smart about filling your candidate pipeline and talent pool.  It's all about attracting and engaging high-quality prospective candidates who align well with your company's culture, share corporate values and can ramp up quickly and thrive long-term in your organization.  

Effective sales managers never stop searching for different approaches to recruiting, and great sales leaders never stop learning. Leaders encourage and inspire team members to be leaders in their business, that’s what makes them great!

How do you connect, communicate and hire top notch candidates in a highly competitive market?  Stay informed and keep a pulse what's really happening in the hiring market.  Learn real-world recruiting strategies from professional headhunters.  You will know how-to build a strong talent pipeline, create a seamless candidate-centric recruiting process and memorable candidate experience and hire the best talent with your newfound knowledge.




The Team Practice program is designed for sales managers at all levels who want to make the transition from being alarm-driven responsive to being plan-focused, responsible, and ready to take the initiative in learning about:
  • Candidate relationship and how to get prospects interested
  • Name generation strategies to find the best fit candidates
  • Innovative interview process that keep candidates engaged
  • Problem solving at the offer stage
  • On-boarding techniques to engage and ramp up new hires


Start learning new best practices from an expert Headhunter Coach every month.  Every leadership webinar training covers how to get the most out of recruiting efforts and style, understanding a candidate's motivation and translating a compelling employee-centric value proposition that attracts and engages talent you want.

The group webinar is a 90-minute sprint lesson session highlight case studies from real recruiters. Each sprint lesson provides a comprehensive recruiting situation, required skills and appropriate techniques, that sales managers can start utilizing immediately after the webinar. Sessions are recorded for future reference for all TEAM PRACTICE members.

90-Minute Sprint Lesson Session | Group Webinar Coaching | Recorded Sessions

Expert Recruitment Coaching |Head Coach | Jim McGrath

Target areas of immediate concern | Sourcing, Initial Call, Courting, Closing, The Offer, Objections/Rebuttals, Onboarding

12 Monthly Group Webinar + E-mail Strategies | Headhunter Techniques + Advice

Recruiting Analysis + Assessment | Recruitment, Goals and Sales Management Questionnaire to Set Up a Game Plan ($175 value)

Mortgage Recruiting Coach | Complementary Monthly Recruitment e-Lesson | ($150 value)

Recruiting Tools | Tracking and Accountability Forms  | Recruiting Accountability Program with Recruiting Activity Scorecard 

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Our Training + Your Commitment = The Best Results

Why do our customers get such great results with our training? Most important - they have the desire and are committed to getting better.

“I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. I purchased your recruiting e-Learning and am currently about 40 lessons in. I have been in the business almost 20 years and have been recruiting actively for about 15 of them. I have successfully recruited and hired at least 100 people on my own. Nobody—and I mean nobody—has ever taken the time to sit down and put all of this info in one place. In this industry, we have been forced over time to learn everything by trial and error or miscellaneous things passed down from generation to generation. I have used many of your techniques in the past, but didn’t really know why, nor was I able to apply things consistently because I didn’t really have a strategy. So I appreciate that you have put this road map together. Thanks again and great job.”

Joel L., Durham, NC

Regional Vice President

“Jim is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make an impact in the mortgage industry! Not only does he possess an unmatched skillset as a mortgage recruiting professional, but unlike so many other recruiters, he’s able to translate his knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner. Check out his training for anything and everything related to mortgage recruiting.”

Cathy H., Burlington, MA

Talent Acquisition Director

“I just wanted to write and say that your e-learning was instrumental in helping me hire my very first Loan Officer. I used the first lesson to prepare my recruiting plan and I am now using the techniques to onboard my new employee. The information you provided The PlayBook was relevant, practical and simply stated. Thank you Jim”

Michael P., Dallas, TX

Branch Sales Manager

“I have been in Sales Management for over 40 years and the Loan Officer Recruiting “The PlayBook” is a system that should not only be read by mortgage professionals and corporate recruiters, but by anyone who has the need to search out, recruit and hire top performers in any industry…. Mr. McGrath has nailed it, this e-Learning is a must read! The proven system is revealed in The PlayBook is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system for recruiting commissioned Loan Officers ever written. It’s a complete, turn-key, self-study course jam packed with cutting edge techniques to build your sales force quickly, easily, and inexpensively.”

Tony D., Los Angeles, CA

Managing Director