T.A.P | Talent Attraction Planner | 5-Day Challenge

Proven and successful sales leaders realize their role is to attract, engage, hire, close and retain the best talent. Understanding and addressing a potential new employee’s motivators, expectations and aspirations, then meeting those needs sets you apart from the competition.  Building relationships with qualified candidates is how to win over the talent's heart and take over the competition.


We realize that strong growth in the mortgage industry requires hiring customer-centric professionals that are dedicated to growing their business and career development.  To attract and hire this type of talent, sales managers need to get suited up and focus on a candidate-centric approach to recruiting.

The 5 Day challenge helps you TAP into your network of qualified candidates that best-fit your culture, believe in your values, loves your brand and thinks YOU are the best manager in the mortgage market.

Take the 5-Day Challenge and T.A.P. into your Talent Attraction Plan.


  • Learn what type of relationships you want to attract
  • Isolate the number of new hires you need
  • How you will attract them to your brand


The T.A.P | 5-Day Challenge Survival Kit

  • 5 Hiring Manager Strategies to attract, engage, hire and onboard the best talent in the market
  • Daily How-To Lesson + Exercises to connect, communicate, commit and close talent while developing a long-term and successful relationship, plus a retention tool to keep your team engaged.
  • A Step-by-Step guide with key activities to help you really connect, communicate your value proposition and develop meaningful relationships with candidates.
  • The 5 Principles to recruiting used by EMAC headhunters.
  • How to position your Employer Brand in your recruiting campaign to lure candidates and beat out the competition.
  • Journey into the candidate-centric courting process and your messaging will help you identify if a candidate fits your culture, team and organization style.
  • Talent Attraction Plan personalized by you at the end of the 5-Day Challenge to jump-start your NEW recruiting campaign

T.A.P into your recruiting efforts and adopt new ways to grow your business with the 5-Day Challenge to take recruiting to the next level!